Celine belt (drummed) flap?

  1. Hello, does anyone know if the belt bag (mini size) in DRUMMED leather is supposed to have suede or leather on the inside of the flap?

    Youtuber (heyyyjune) has one in dune (drummed, leather flap) but hers is second-hand... the Celine boutique S.A. said yesterday that drummed has suede interior but he didn't have one on hand and was going from memory.
    Maybe previous seasons had leather interior? It's so hard to find pictures online!
  2. yes, drummed leather has suede interior. i'm not sure about leather interior. but i think smooth leather belt bag has leather one.
  3. Thanks! And this is for the drummed, not grained? Any idea if it's new this season to have suede interior for drummed?

    YouTuber Charles Gross did a "what's in my bag" tag and his is a Celine with leather flap but he doesn't talk about the bag and I want to get one with a leather flap!