Céline Belt Bag top handle

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  1. Hello everyone,

    This is my very first post on the forum although i've read threads for some time now and i thought I'd start by a short introduction. I'm a 30 year-old living in France and made my first luxury bag purchase for my last birthbay (you guessed it), a Saint Laurent medium college bag in black with GHW that I had been craving since its release and still love today.

    I am debating my next designer bag purchase and may go for the Celine belt in micro for its content capacity and crossbody compatible strap.

    Came across this pre-loved bag and was wondering if those of you guys owning this bag think the top handle could be fixed or if it probably would stay like this?

    Thank you all for sharing on this forum, and I hope you are well in these troubled times!

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  2. My belt bag (micro) has a bit of a wonky handle because I didnt store it properly, but if you use the top handle lots or put a shaper under it, it should go back to normal.

    Edit: please be careful buying prelove Celines. Sometimes even professional authenticators get it wrong (I've seen a few fake trapezes sneak by some reputable resellers).
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  3. thank you sexycombover, good to hear!
    The bag comes with a receipt from a department store and authenticity card so that had me reassured as to its authenticity but you're right never too careful...
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  4. To me the whole bag looks a bit bent out of shape!
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  5. Unless that bag comes with a significant discount, I personally wouldn't purchase it.

    It looks poorly stored and very misshapen tbh - and it's new Celine, so it's maybe a little over a year old, that's not a great look for a bag that's newish.
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  6. I'd ask for close up pics of the bent areas. If it's actually creased, as in a permanent fold, I would decline. If it's only curved, and can be flattened, then I'd consider the price. It seems like a nice color and if new, and at an amazing deal, then go for it.

    Btw, I found your first post to be charming n polite. Welcome and hope to see u contribute around tpf more.
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  7. Thank you all for your inputs
    @randr21 I will take your advice and ask for more pictures of the bent areas and only consider it if the price is a very good deal