Celine Belt Bag - Paris!

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  1. Hi All

    I'm a newbie here, but been lusting after a Celine for years. I am making the trip to Paris next week as my h2b is surprising me with a trip to disneyland for my 26th.
    Does anyone know how much a black mini belt bag is and if it's easy enough to find? I've seen many helpful posts that there are a few places to buy but unsure how popular it is!

    Thank you!
  2. I purchased the mini dune belt bag for 1700 EUR plus VAT. Best deal in Paris. I think the black color will be easy to find. There's two Celine stores. Happy birthday and hope you find one!
  3. I bought mine in galleries la Fayette Paris for 1700 euro too (grained leather) I believe the smooth leather is 2100 euro :smile: there were plenty of stock when I went and the staff were super helpful, the guy assisting me brought out all sorts of colours for me to try because I wasn't sure. There was black, grey, taupe, blue, red, almond etc. This was back in March though so not sure if anything has changed but I do highly recommend you checking it out there :smile:
  4. Just to update, there are actually there Celine boutiques in Paris: Ave Montaigne (flagship), Rue de Grenelle, and Ave Victor Hugo. Celine is also available at Printemps, Galleries Lafayette, and le Bon Marche so 6 options in total!
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    Thank you all so much for your replies! I am now so torn because I do love the micro luggage too as it's such an iconic Celine :-s
  6. I agree. Micro or the luggage tote is super iconic. However you need to choose a bag based upon your preferences... Do you want a hand carry only bag? Is that feasible for your lifestyle?

    The mini belt is hand and shoulder carry... It has more options, however, the closure is more fussy since it's not just a zippered compartment. To me though, I need that strap so I went mini belt. Plus, I liked the generous pocket available on the back side of the mini belt. It's very useful for when I'm on the go... The luggage doesn't have a functional outer pocket really.... But it helps make up for that crazy closure lol.

    I'd try both on if possible or really weigh out what you want and what you may already have in your collection.
  7. You really hit the nail on the head! I went into the store in Paris, and I was amazed at how friendly the staff were. Nobody pressured and the door was open to come in unlike so many other stores which are SO uninviting.

    I really love the luggage, I would go for the micro but like you say, I really struggle with the practicality of it. The style and look is just beautiful and very 'me' but with my collection already (I have an Alexander Mcqueen Padlock tote, Alexander Wang Rocco & Mulberry Alexa) the shoulder option is very important, as even though I like holding the bag, a girl has things to do! I feel like that amount of money for a bag that is really only used for days where I don't really NEED a bag, seems silly. I'm so torn. I was surprised at how beautiful they all are in the store though... well, I'm not but I definitely went a bit gooey over them!