Celine belt bag owners: bag fit your lifestyle?

  1. Hello, calling all Celine belt bag owners, are you still wearing this bag out often or do you have any regrets? I am concerned about the clasp and opening and closing of the bag. I am trying to be realistic and wondering if this bag will fit my lifestyle of 2 small toddlers (ages 1.5 and 3 years). Or will I want to immediately sell this bag after a month of not being able to easily get in and out of the bag while holding a kid at the same time! I know people have said you get used to it, but I'm wondering how much easier it gets. I love the micro belt bag and I would like to purchase it in a month but I am also trying to be realistic and honest w myself! TIA !
  2. I have had my mini belt for around 2 months now. To be honest, no it doesn't get easier to open and close the clasp, but yes I got used to it :biggrin: sometimes it still annoys me when I need to reach something inside the bag that i have to unclasp, then unzip, and when I need to close it, zip, and then clasp. and the fact that you can't do it with one hand annoys me even more :lol: Because of that I'm thankful for the zipper pocket behind, I always put my phone inside the zipper pocket.
    Overall, yes the closure still annoys me quite a bit, but not to the point that I want to sell mine. I appreciate the beauty of the bag. But in fact, I only use mine when I need a bigger bag to store documents, or when I'm out doing meetings and mostly stays inside my car ( that I dont have to lug around with this bag for long walks)
    I don't have any kids so I'm not sure how would you feel. But, in my opinion, chasing around toddlers with this bag is not the best idea :lol: probably you want to stick with small crossbodybag instead :biggrin:
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  3. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, this is the kind of thing I was worried about, having to use two hands to unclasp, unzip, etc. Sucha hard decision to make because the bag is so gorgeous. Do you think if you were wearing the bag cross body like the micro size it would be easier to open and close?
  4. I have had my mini belt for almost a year and still love it and would purchase it again. That being said, it doesn't get easier to open - I have just accepted it. The smaller outer zipper pocket makes it more functional - I keep my phone and keys in there. I typically use it during the week and switch over to my nano luggage or another crossbody during the weekend when I am out running errands because I usually want something that is easier to open and close.
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  5. I have a toddler (almost 2 years old), and I don't use my Mini Belt when I'm out and about with him unless I can put him in a stroller/cart or something. I practically never use the zipper, but the fact that the closure cannot be done up with one hand makes it a bit of a hassle.

    That said, I happily carry this bag to work and absolutely adore it. It's beautiful, and also practical in the sense that it does hold quite a bit while still looking streamlined and elegant.

    I'd advise against getting the Micro unless the closure system is different on that size.
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  6. Thanks! Sounds like the pocket is extremely helpful, but the bag is still not easy going enough for the weekend :/
  7. Sounds like I'm going to have to pass on this beauty then. Both my kids still LOVE (exhausting!) to be carried in my arms so this bag is not in the cards for me. I have the nano luggage which I find useful crossbody. Now I'm thinking of getting the small vertical cabas which is not as exciting IMO but still cute and probably more suited for my lifestyle right now.
  8. I don't think it's gonna get easier to open even if wearing it crossbody. Since you have to hold the bag from the base in order to open the clasp. so you're gonna need two hands anyway. I feel it's difficult to open the clasp if not holding the base of the bag (does it make sense?)
    Again, it depends on what are you gonna use this bag for? It will make a beautiful work bag. But for out and about, running errands, or weekend bag with your kids, IMO this is not the best :biggrin:

  9. I was a planning on using it as an everyday and running errands bag, but you're right it's not the best bc it is going to be a pain. Thanks for your helpful feedback!
  10. Even for work it does not work for me. I like easy access. I was super close twice now in buying this bag. My celine SA won't sell it to me because she knows I like easy open styles. I like a good flap for a night out but not for during the day for work etc. I like totes
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  11. Yes I think I’m going to have to try the bag on at the store just to be sure that I know it won’t work for me.
  12. Hi obcessd ~ just my 2cents here....i absolute LOVE this bag & tried it on recently at NM. I totally would have bought it because they had the dark navy color i love but i found the clasp quite difficult. My SA kept going over it with me on how to do it, & she said you can get used to it. I was not convinced i could get used to it, much as i loved it, so i passed. I'm sure plenty of other folks would beg to differ & say it's easy enough, but i think it really is best that you /anyone tries it on in person to decide. BEST of luck to you!:flowers:
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  13. I have the micro size and definitely love it for work. I love the options that I can either wear it handheld or cross body or on the should and I don't find opening a big trouble. You don't need to put the clasp under the belt every time you close it, you can just close the clasp directly. Once you are used to where the button is, it'll be easy and fast. ( that happened to me after I used it three weeks non stop)
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  14. I got mine last year in September in grey in the caviar/saffiano (actually I have no clue, if Céline has a name for this finish) and still wear her pretty often. The belt bag fits a nice amount of stuff, you can wear her top-handle as well as on your shoulder. I had no problems with any color transfer or scratches. Concerning the closure - I mean obviously it's not the easiest to get in and out, but you can wear her open or half-open (to be honest I never do that), but due to the zipper pocket on the bag (you can put your phone, keys or little wallet/card holder in there) it's fine for me. I still lover her, even though I was concerned about that the "trend" might fade, but it's still a seen bag and I lover her understated french chic and it's not "in your face" as some of the other Céline bags might be. Over all I would re-purchase her. Hope that helps! :smile:
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  15. I have the micro and use it as an everyday bag and am still loving it. Obviously it's not the same as dropping things into an open top bag like an unzipped nano but I still find access fairly simple although - yes - you do need two hands. While wearing the bag, you lightly put one hand on the bottom of the bag and push the flap down with your other hand on the top of the bag. I rarely use the zip. It's quick and simple once you get the hang of it. I've read that not using the zip might result in the bag caving in but I can't see that happening with the micro as the smaller size means it's usually well packed. If you want to be able to acces the bag one handed you could half do up the zip and slip things in and out and leave the top flap hanging until it's more convenient to close properly.

    One thing to note is that the zipped pocket on the back of the micro is a lot smaller than on the mini belt. You really can't fit more than a card case - which is how I use it.
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