Celine Bags-made in China!

  1. Last weekend I passed by my local Celine boutique and I just couldn't resist the small pearl pebble Bittersweet. I paid HK$8500 (US$1100)for it and was very pleased with both the material and the workmanship. Then two days ago when I was inspecting it ,I discovered it was made in China!:wtf: How can a China-manufactured bag charged that much? I wonder!

    Today I went back to the Celine boutique and enquired about the location of the their workshops. The SA I was speaking to didn't seem too knowledgeable and told me that both big and small pebble Bittersweet bags are manufactured in China. She told me not to worry because the next bag on my wishlist, the Boogie Bag, is always manufactured in Italy. Does anyone know whether this statement is true? That all Boogie bags are manufactured in Italy? TIA
  2. Wow, I can see why you would be a little upset, I guess if the quality is there it is okay. I think that things made in China should be cheaper I had the same thing happen when I bought a $200 Tibi top and found out it was made in China? I hope they are paying people more for the labor but somehow I doubt it.
  3. Please tell me -- if the bag is beautiful and beautifully made -- why does it matter if it is made in China, or made in Italy? Is it because labor is cheaper in China? Or because of status "European" reasons? I just want to understand your surprise and/or dismay.
  4. From what i know, Boogies in jacquard are made in China, those in leather are still made in Italy.
  5. Most 'big name' bags are made in china. Kooba and Isabella Fiore are made there but the leathers come from Europe.

    As long as the quality is was I expect I dont care if the pixies in my garden made it :lol:
  6. Any non-100% leather boogie is made in China. So, that includes the canvas and jacquard ones.
  7. LOL! Actually, I'd love to see that. :smile:

    Same here! As long as my bag is beautifully made out of quality materials, I have no issues. I rarely, if ever, check to see where anything was made.
  8. Chinese workers are usually paid so little that it would be troubling to pay a lot for a bag manufactured there. The company is making a much larger profit on those bags than the ones made in Italy. I for one, would love to find out more about how the different design companies pay and treat their workers. Maybe that's what OP wondered? Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  9. I was reading the OP's meaning as why is a bag that is made in China charged so much in China (HK)? When I visited China last year, I noticed how the luxury stuff was a lot more expensive than in the US, which I assumed was due to differences in taxes, and duty and tariff between the countries.
  10. You could be right about the OP's intent. :yes:

    I didn't mean to sound cavalier in my response, it's just that I rarely (if ever) check to see where anything is made, not just bags. :shame:
  11. I thought the OP's meaning was that china is a 'third rate' country and things generally cost less than in the West, so why does a bag made from there cost so much?

    Well...its all about designer labels. If I buy a plain white T-shirt that is made in China its gonna cost me $1. Yet if that same 'made in China' T-shirt has an authentic Chanel label on it, its gonna cost me $100!
  12. Thanks everybody for your responses. In this part of Asia, the 'Made-in-China' label still has stigma attached to it. Maybe that is the reason why the 'Made-in-China' label in my Celine Bittersweet is attached to the left edge inside the zippered compartment!

    About 10 years back, when we wanted to buy pirated VCDs or high-quality fake brand-name products, we all spent half a day and crossed the border to get the goodies. Of course this is not very possible nowadays given all the noise about intellectual property rights. However, mentality can't be changed overnight! But I am very happy to know that the leather Boogie bags are still made in Italy. I plan to buy that ASAP lest they begin to be manufactured in China too!:p
  13. I will only bought brandname bag which made in Europe. I will absolutely never pay for made in China. It is not because of it is from China but I will not pay that much for sth. the company paid so little and chrage too much.
  14. I own several Bittersweets and I did know they were made in China. I love my Bsweets because they are made so well and I love the leather. Everything it outsourced now it seems, as long as children arent making my items I dont care where it comes from. As long as its well made. It seems evrything I buy is from other countries. Even my cars. Theres nothing I can do about it. I will buy quality made items from any country.
  15. China used to be "cheaper is better." I think now a days they're changing their philosophy to "better is better." This goes to the earlier point that changes don't happen overnight.

    Are you more upset that Celine can mark-up SOOOOO much (from a Chinese-made bag) and you still want to spend the money? If the Bittersweet wasn't from "Celine," would you still have bought it...

    Ah oh, going into that deep, dark place:sweatdrop: