Celine bags from private sales


Jan 14, 2016
Hi guys, i recently bought a phantom bag from VC, and they just told me that the bag i bought is actually from private sales. It has an F stamp next to the made in italy engraving on the inside pocket.

The bag is in like new condition, around half retail price, and the color is in peacock blue, smooth leather. (I have never seen this combo before but i really like it. If anyone knows from which year collection this is please let me know)

Is there any significant downside to buying a celine bag from the private sales? Celine doesnt do repair or return much anyway, so I am inclining to proceed.

Please share me your opinion to help me decide. TIA.


Apr 28, 2015
the F stamp simply means sold during the company's sale to either staff or friends and families, Hermes does the same thing with all their sale inventory too.