Celine bag question

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  1. Hello

    I am in uk and I am trying to find the price for the small ring bag and I called the London store. I couldn't find anything in the website but the lady told me it's not a bag but a small leather good! Is this true! Are we paying all this money for a big makeup bag?, thanks in advance
  2. Are you talking about what's labeled as the "ring clutch" on the celine website? If so, yes, it's in the "leather accessories" section not the "handbags" section. Prices for a couple models are there.
  3. Thanks for reply. So does a ring bag exist?
  4. Sorry I have no idea, I'm not super versed in current Celine offerings. I just went to look at the website after seeing your question. Maybe the specific dimensions of the larger clutch they have shown can help clarify? It's 26 x 18 cm (10 x 7in), were you expecting something along those lines?

    (And subsequently saw several things I want online, so gee thanks! :biggrin:)

  5. Do you mean like this ring bag? I think this one is SS15 and this price is for the medium size.

  6. Yes thsnks. I was looking for a small in many colours like blue and khaki. But I don't like describing them as clutch bags.

  7. That is called the ring bag and this is the ring clutch, they are two different items but probably they both have the same ring pull for the zip (I haven't seen the clutch in person).

  8. Thanks for clarifying I will check again