Celine Audrey Sunglasses Question

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  1. Hello ladies!

    I have been obssessed with getting the Audrey''s for a bit now and finally went to Saks and bought it. However I have a question, it keeps slipping down my nose. Any movement of my head, and it moves down my nose..like really low, I get that's it's heavy but I have other heavy glasses and they do not move. It irritates me so much. Is that the norm for these glasses?
    I remember the guy at the store (when I went the first time) said they could "balance" it for me. When I went the second time the sales lady was very rude and didn't seem interested in my questions.-.- I still went ahead and purchased it and balancing it wasnt offered and I did forget about it.

    On top of the sliding down the nose issue, I was cleaning it at home cause it was really filthy looking and when I wore it in the sun my hubs was like did you get them used? There were so many scuffs on the bottom of the frame's and scratches along the outer rim. I was so upset, I planning on going back to the store on Monday.
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  2. I have that issue with my Celine preppy sunglasses, Celine Marta and Celine ZZ tops but not with any other pairs. It's really annoying!
  3. I had that issue after wearing them for a while though not right off the box. I had a glasses shop, I go to get my contact lens fix the sliding nose issue. They fixed that problem for me and it now stays still. But before they did it, they said if the plastic is too weak, trying to balance them will break the sunglasses. So you have to be careful.
  4. Omg! I thought I was the only one! Just got my pair and I CANNOT deal with it! I had them slightly adjusted but if I get even the tiniest bit sweaty they almost slip off my nose! Sadly I'm sending mine back. Hope u can fix yours!
  5. Krissie: Aw, Thanks for that! I will make a note of being wary of those glasses too ><

    Jamiie: Im so happy you got yours fixed! Ah, I could definitely see how that could pose a risk though, thanks so much for the feedback!

    Unicornchaser: OMG! I know, I am so happy to know I am not the only one! And yes, without sweat or oiliness it slides, so I known exactly how much sliding occurs with oilness. >< Ugh, Im so disappointed and sad because I LOVED the look of these. >< Im sad to hear you are sending yours back. I think that will be the ultimate end if they cant fix it. I was looking at the Thin Alice too...but Saks didnt have that to look at. Im thinking of just returning and checking out Bloomies instead. I feel like the salespeople would be a lot nicer and they may have a bigger selection...and I wont get something so scuffed up.
  6. **Edit to my previous post meant the thin mary ><
  7. Dang that sucks with the centering issues! :/ I would be extremely careful if you're adjusting yourself. You have the right idea taking them into the store. People can be so rude these days or what I like to call "snooty" - Hopefully her customer service that day was just a fluke.

    I bought my audrey sunglasses at this place here and got an awesome deal - I didn't experience any of those issues you ran into. Not sure if they're completely authentic because of the low price but when I compare them to my friend's they look and feel identical. I like to constantly remind my friend how much i paid for them! :biggrin:

    Anyways, I'm sure it's just a defect and you should be able to trade them in or return them for a different pair. Either way, i feel your pain :/