Celine at TJ.MAXX?!?

  1. Im visiting New York and decided to go to TJ.MAXX and they received a huge shipment of new purses including Marc Jacobs, Chloè, Givenchy, an even Celine! They had two cabas bags only for $750! I already have one in black so didn't get one! The TJ.MAXX in Glen Clove on long island! The bag are gorgeous!
    image-3842498867.jpg image-1904000534.jpg
  2. SO not fair! What did you see Chloe wise if you don't mind going off topic :smile:
  3. I saw a bi-color cabas today at TJ's too (I posted it in the Intel thread) - someone else posted that they saw a Tapeze! Lately, TJMaxx has been carrying a lot of higher priced designer bags - that's where I bought my Medium box last fall and just last month I bought a pair YSL Tribute Sandals. Today I saw a Lanvin and Bottega Veneta at the same store!
  4. Whaaaat!
  5. OMG - you American folk are soooo lucky. I think the UK version of TJMaxx is TKMaxx and they NEVER have high end designer bags :sad:
  6. I gotta make a run to the store at lunch time now!!
  7. Actually they do. My friend used to purchase a Prada tote bag there which was a good deal
  8. :lol::lol: Yep TK Max in the UK are awful, I can never find any bargains in there :sad:

    Very jealous of you US ladies ;)
  9. Our TJMaxx is like the salvation army. All the stuff in there are....nothing is want I buy ;(
  10. Our TJMaxx had a Celine box in black for $2400. Is that a good price?
  11. Haha yeah TKMaxx in the UK would never stock any of that stuff.
  12. How much did you pay for your box?
  13. I'm actually seeing a lot more Celine sunglasses at Winners & Marshall's here now :yes: Still no bags. I'm downright excited when I see RM, because it's just a sea of Co-Lab, Etienne Aigner, KGB Studio (which I kind of want to get just for the name), and the odd Coach, on the handbag racks.