Celine and Everlane totes: comparison

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    Trust I am a huge Celine fan but just wanted to share this. The other night I was comparing these ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393547792.416983.jpg two totes and I must say that I am amazed how awesome the quality of the Everlane tote is for just under 450 bucks!! I mean the leather, the craftsmanship just knocked my socks off! It is so buttery almost made me feel as though it is chervo and not calf leather! And the handles are way better and sturdier than Celine's. here are the pics. Has anyone bought Everlane totes?
  2. Stamp a 'Celine" and the price will double/tripple :greengrin:

    If it was a blindtest I'd go for the Everlane tote - love how supple & buttery is, along with the clean lines. The handles could have been shorter though. What other colours do they have?
  3. Actually the handles are perfect to carry on the shoulders. Neither too long nor too short. I got the brown but it comes in black and moss green both of which are sold out.
  4. The EVERLANE PORTFOLIO is a great tote, I'm blown away by the quality! I bought the market and Portfolio bag in black and Kiwi.
  5. Hi I am wondering about the everlane tote. How is it holding up? I am thinking of getting everlane tote, but I am not so sure about the quality.

    Thank you.
  6. Not that great I'm afraid. The bags I purchased, second run, has a strange bubbling effect, when I contacted them, I received great customer service, I got to keep the bag,and I got a refund.
  7. Sorry for the old thread bump- just wondering if you wouldn't mind elaborating on the bubbling? I've been saving for one of the Everlane totes (can't decide between the Market and the Portfolio), but don't want something that will look wonky after 6 months.
  8. I've had my Everlane Market tote for almost 6 months, and I love it. I chose the Market over the Portfolio because size-wise, the Portfolio would overwhelm my frame, and I did not want to carry too large of a bag. I spent a lot of time trying to decide between the two, and I'm really happy with the Market.

    If you're worried about things looking wonky after 6 months, you can contact Everlane's customer service, and they get back to you pretty quickly. In all my experiences with them, they've been really good about making sure you're happy with your purchase.
  9. I have the Everlane Market and I carry it more than any other bag. Looks great still and well worth the price!
  10. I've bought an array of Everlane totes both in magazine and market in similar colors. The quality is superb and the clean lines are just perfect for me.
  11. I compared the Everlane Petra Crossbody (black) to the Celine Medium Box (black goatskin), and everything from leather quality to stitching was comparable in workmanship. Obviously the Celine is more substantial, so material cost is much higher, but the Petra definitely holds its own. I was blown away...
  12. Do you mind sharing your comparison? Thanks!
  13. If anyone has the magazine tote I would love to hear thoughts/ a review
  14. Can others share their experience with Everlane...quality of their leather bags and shoes specifically.

    Thank you!
  15. I have the Petra Magazine, the Petra Crossbody, and the loafers.

    I love the loafers and wear them to work almost every day. I recommend going up 1/2 a size. I am closer to 6.5 and went with a 7 and they have broken in nicely.

    I've had the Petra Magazine for almost two months and am really enjoying it. It's designed in a really smart way and pretty sturdy, not flimsy like the cuyana and madewell totes appear. It fits my 13 inch laptop which was important to me.

    The crossbody, I have mixed feelings about. It's a really great design but I wish they had not used suede on the front flap, it's just not as durable as their leather and I have to be more careful with the bag because of that. I really like the magnetic back compartment though. I am thinking of selling it for something that will last longer because of the suede issue.

    Also, they have new bag designs coming November 10! I would wait and see what they release before you make your decision.