Celine Alphabet Pendant

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  1. Anyone selling a large C or know where I can get one? TIA
  2. once i get my hands on one, i love the idea of putting it on a string of pearls!!
  3. Can you please send me the SA’s info? I doubt they have it anymore but I’m searching for a Z.
  4. Has anyone seen M or L pendants in either size anywhere in Europe recently?
  5. I just emailed my Saks SA and he knows nothing about this.
    I emailed you can you please share this info. I’ve been trying to get my hand on a large S
  6. I’m completely OBSESSED with this Celine alphabet pendant. Has anyone seen a large J anywhere, or selling one? I would be forever grateful! ;)
  7. Celine on Madison Ave had a small J today
  8. I realise I’m a bit late to the party but would love one of these in either a ‘W’ or a ‘B’ in the mini size. Would be forever grateful if anyone can let me know if they see either of these letters or are selling. Just phoned Harrods with no luck - knew it was a long shot - but a girl can dream!
  9. Check eBay but boy the resale prices are crazy!
  10. i think i saw a "B" on VC!
  11. wait! i found a small W on ebay without TOO much mark up. Hopefully by helping you, i'm putting good karma out there and a reasonably priced small R or S will materialize in time for husband to buy for valentine's day :P
  12. at the risk of being a total creep...the B was actually a large and i saw it on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AUTHENTIC-CELINE-B-BAMBOO-PENDANT-with-the-CHAIN/233065209850?hash=item3643c4dffa:g:flsAAOSwGIZcIEk6:rk:50:Pf:0

    okay...wish me luck as i dig into the depths of the internet to find my initials :P
  13. Hi, thank you all for your replies! I’ve seen the small ‘w’ on eBay but I worry buying things from there in case they’re not genuine :sad:

    Styleformiles good luck with your search. I’ll post here if I see an R or an S :smile:
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  14. I'm desperately searching for a M and/or L pendant! Anyone seen any recently? They're probably all sold out by know, but I'm not ready to admit defeat yet:P
  15. haha thank you!! try vestaire collective, too!!