Celine Alphabet Pendant

  1. So cute! I’ve been looking for the T as well, sent you a DM:smile:
  2. I’d love the info too! Looking for an “S”.
  3. The 'S' pendant is now sold out!
  4. Oh no .
    If anyone else knows where I can locate one would love to know. Thanks!
  5. Sent you a DM.
  6. Thank you so much!!
  7. Mind my asking how much a small pendant costs?
  8. It’s $200 USD for the mini pendant :smile:
  9. Thank you! Any idea where to find them?
  10. Some Celine stores might have some letters but it is very random. Unfortunately you will have to call around and ask (that's what I did) or shop through personal shoppers. :smile:
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  11. :sad: Do anyone know where I can find a mini J with necklace?
  12. Finally I got one. I was eyeing it for so long but not until it got discontinued by Celine, then i started to hunt it down like crazy lol.
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  13. I hope it’s notntoo
    Please send me the SA’s info - hope it’s not too late.
  14. I had preordered with the Saks SA but was bumped when only 3 “S” came in
  15. Anyone knows if large Alphabet pendants are still available in Celine stores in France or Europe? I am now in search of a large A, or M, or R or S.