Celine Alphabet Pendant

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  1. I called the Celine Soho store yesterday and they had the small “K” in stock! It was the only letter available they had too and I almost got it but decided to call elsewhere and got a different letter. :smile:
  2. Absolutely in love with my new Celine pendant! Hung it on a Kenzo chain so that I didn’t have to get the Celine one, which was out of stock at the time anyway...

    IMG_2080.JPG IMG_2050.JPG IMG_2140.JPG
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  4. Hi, could you please send me the SA info, I've been looking for large size. Thanks so much.
  5. Done. Check your DM. :smile:
  6. Would you mind sending me the info also? Thank you.
  7. Done. :smile:
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  8. Hi! Could you also please send me the Saks SA’s contact info? Thank you so much!
  9. I can’t belive I missed this comment! I am sending you a DM.
  10. Ah I just replied back to your DM. :smile:
  11. 849323FA-D394-470A-B020-B9F0EA0F2C97.jpeg
    So excited to have finally found my two mini Céline alphabet letters that I’ve been searching for! ❤️
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  12. Congratulations! They are so cuuuuteeee.
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  13. Thank you!!! I can't wait to see yours too! ;)
  14. Hi there! Could you also send me your SA's info? Thank you! :smile:
  15. What are they made of?
    Will they tarnish due to daily wear?