Celine Alphabet Pendant

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  1. Hey guys,
    Anyone who has the small alphabet pendant, does it have a hallmark on the jumpring or the letter itself? I am talking about the bamboo-type style.
    Thanks for your help.

    While we are at it, I would love to see your pendants- small or large!
  2. I'm trying to get my hands on this necklace in Melb, Aus however it is completely sold out and they are not getting anymore in :sad:
  3. Yes, I have the small pendant and the logo and made in italy are stamped on the jumpring.
  4. I was told they get random letters in sporadically. I was on a waitlist for a month and got a call that my initial had come in two weeks ago.
  5. Thank you soooooo much. If you have time and don’t mind, could you post a picture of it? It would be very helpful.
  6. I hope one eventually crosses your path!
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    I absolutely love mine. I wear it everyday on a 55cm hollow box chain, which is the chain in the first picture. The chain in the second picture matches the gold colour of the pendant better but is too short. I find that you can't notice the difference in colour when you're wearing it anyway.
    IMG_6576.JPG IMG_6577.JPG
  8. And for eye candy here is a large B. No chain- still trying to figure out how to style it before I take the tag off. I wasn’t expecting how heavy it would be so im trying to figure out a comfortable way to wear ir.
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  9. Forgot to quote.
  10. It’s really pretty!! Gives me ideas for chains! Could you post a pic of the stamp too (you can DM me if that’s better)? I found a second hand small B and I want to make sure I can tell it’s real when it comes in. I may let the large B go if the small B works out due to the heaviness. But omg I love the look of the large letters in the street style pics.
  11. IMG_6572.jpg
    Sorry not the best pic, using an iPhone and it's hard to capture the writing when it's so small. But both logo and made in Italy are on the same side of the jumpring but one on the left and one on the right, if that makes sense. I went for the small pendant as I thought it would be more wearable as an everyday piece. The large is such a beautiful statement piece though!
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  12. Thank you so soooo much. I really appreciate it. I think the small will be best! I do wish B was on an angle like yours and some other letters. I like the look more.
  13. IMG_6578.jpg
    You're welcome. It's strange that they didn't put B on an angle. I have this pic saved of the whole alphabet from IG and looking at it, I feel they definitely could've put B and D on an angle.
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  14. That's really nice if they come in the new shipment! In my case it seems like no more shipment for the pendants :sad:

    Anyway, here's a pic spam for different sizes on the Alphabet pendants. First row are the ones I called the regular pendant, then there's 1 small pendants in letter 'I'
    2nd rows are the pendant used as the puller tab for the Alphabet pouches and Coin purse.

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  15. Can anyone tell me the prices for these in both sizes? They’re so cute!