Celine 101

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  1. Being a Chanel and Louis Vuitton girl, I'm entirely new to Celine. The design and the craftmanship are catching my attention so I would love to know more about it. I'm hoping to get a Celine in the near future :graucho:. So ladies, please tell me the 101 about Celine and why you love it so much. What made you get into this brand and the pros about it. Any cons too? Can't wait to hear all the rave about it!! ;)
  2. I like it because it is relatively rare and chic:smile:

    I used to use birkins only, but when they become so common and popular, I started to step into Celine door.
  3. Like Halothane, I really like that some Celine bags are not ubiquitous where I live. I had purchased another brand that I really liked but once I brought it home, I was irked by the fact that everyone would know what I was carrying. So I returned that bag and eventually replaced it with a Box. The quality and beauty speaks for itself and most people cannot tell me how much I spent on it or even guess what it is.

    I like that mystery and where I live, Celine still affords me that mystery wrapped up in fashion and great taste, IMO.

    The price increases though....*sigh*

    Still, I think every bag-girl and boy should, if they can, have at least one Celine in their collection.
  4. Since Phoebe came on board with Celine, the COLORS & various types of leathers/ suedes used with their bags really caught my attention:biggrin:

    In terms of cons, I would say: 1. recent price increases; 2. time spent on researching & "hunting down" the ideal Celine bag & 3. limited selections available depending on where you shop.
  5. I second jamberry's reasons. I like the very elegant and classic designs but the colors keep the look updated.
  6. Celine is just super chic and the quality is great. The color combos are gorgeous and the details really make the difference. I also love the fact that Celine is still a niche product, even if it's getting so popular it's not like LV, Gucci, Chanel, that almost everybody knows.
  7. Are they hand stitched? in France?
  8. fell in love with the colors! especially the tri-color combinations! the shapes are unique and different, it doesn't have a huge logo on it yet for those who know celine will recognize it.
  9. I'm also new to Celine. I only have one medium Box so far. I was so into Chanel previously but their price increases made me sick. I love Celine. It's classy.
  10. I first saw a Celine Mini luggage in 2008 carried by my friend's wife in NYC. This was when Philo had just taken over. It was a gorgeous dark tangerine shade and I absolutely fell in love with it. Haven't looked back since. Tracking down a Celine for me is part of the fun and novelty of owning a Celine bag. Some of the styles are just not as available as really expensive bags from some other brands where you can walk into a shop with a picture and leave with the bag you want (after paying an arm and a leg of course). Not to mention some hard-to-find colours. Celine is for people who appreciate quality, design and craftsmanship and are less bothered by whether people make a fuss over you because your bag is super-duper expensive. I don't care if nobody knows that I'm carrying Celine or how much trouble I went to to obtain a Luggage - I buy it because I like the way it looks, I find the price point acceptable and they make some pretty sturdy bags! :biggrin:
  11. Con no 1 I absolutely agree! I think Phobe has succeeded in bringing the brand into the spotlight. Even my mom when she looked at the pricetag of a mini luggage the other day, she almost screamed! She told me Celine was not this pricey back in the day. And commented she rather save the money to buy a Chanel instead :biggrin: