Celiac disease...finally an answer???

  1. I have not been feeling well for quite some time (years) but it had gotten worse lately. I don't take care of myself even though I have had weird smptoms for many years ( IBS, severe bloating that lasts for hours, itchy shoulders, extreme exhaustion-self medicated with excess caffeine, extreme hunger...). My son recently had bloodwork that came up positive for celiac. his biopsy was negative but his pediatrician urged me to get tested. I mentioned my symptoms and mentioned that I had been diagnosed with celiac (without a biopsy) as a baby but the pediatrician thought I had outgrown it.

    I had my endoscopy today and my gasto said 99% sure I have it. My biopsy will be back on Monday.

    I am so overwhelmed. I guess I should be glad that i now have a solution and a way to make myself feel better but I am feeling kind of sad too. DH is sooooooo not good with these types of things.

    I thought I would come to you guys to help me throw my own pity party. then I can move on and focus on getting myslef healthy. I know it could be a lot worse.

  2. Well, at least if that is the problem you can do something about it and get some relief from your symptoms. At one point I thought I might have celiac and found a celiac forum and there were a lot of food ideas and helpful things people posted. I found out I didn't have it but it seemed like it would have been a really helpful forum if I had. Just try doing a search and I'm sure you'll find it like I did.
  3. by now i'm sure you've heard back regarding your test results and i hope that all is well :idea: my sister has celiac and i've always admired how well she's handled it and how diligent she is, i can't imagine not being able to eat certain foods! the good news is that celiac is becoming more well known so there are more food options available. there are lots of websites, cookbooks, and i know the grocery store Trader Joes has foods that are wheat/gluten free, etc. again, i hope that all is well and that if celiac was the problem, that you will begin to feel better fast! :smile:
  4. hey..I have celiac...it is manageable..pm ME....
  5. me too. aparently its hereditary but my mother and father dont have it. a few aunts on my mothers side do though.
  6. You're in my thoughts babe. I'm just hoping to *see* you feeling better.
  7. I'm sorry to hear you have Celiac Sprue. If there were a positive aspect to such bad news, it's that you don't have to feel terrible all the time. It will be difficult, but you can manage this and maybe you will start feeling normal again. This disease has become more common so you will have lotts of support. If you want to talk about it here rather than another forum, we are always here to listen.:flowers:
  8. I thought I had this a few years back so I researched it a ton. At least you have an answer and yes it is manageable. Hopefully after you start eating what you need to you will start feeling better.
  9. Bumping this thread. I have been told my numbers are too low to have Celiac, I don't know enough about the disease. I have severe IBS and any time I eat anything with wheat I am so gassy, it is beyond painful. How can one live off of no wheat or gluten products when cooking for a family? I need support. Hope someone can help shed some light to what they went thru. So bummed :sad:
  10. I have a very good friend who has celiac and it's so sad to see her not being able to eat so many things. She has tons of allergies on top of this disease. My heart goes out to you :heart: :hugs:
  11. ^YEP..I have tons of food allergies on top of CELIACs...its not easy but I really learned what i can and cant eat the hard way.Its just NOT worth getting sick.Every once in a while,I stupidly eat stuff i shouldnt and BOY,i learned.
    Whole foods store has alot of cool foods i can eat that r GOOD.i highly recommend shopping there if u have one near by.

  12. ^ That is very sweet of you:tup:^ Thank-you!
    Thanks Jill:heart:
  13. ...my brother's 3 kids (all under age 5) have Celiac. My eldest nephew spent 5 days in the hospital at age 3 as he had severe digestive problems and no one knew what the deal was. Now we know. We're not sure if it's just super recessive genes or what, but my SIL has also adopted gluten and dairy free and it's helped her tons too (no white sugar either).

    It's hard as an adult...can you only imagine how hard it is as a parent when your kids want cookies, candy, or going to a kid's birthday party and having your child have his/her own special cake/ice cream rather than what the rest of the kids are having. It's hard, but my bro, SIL and his family make it work, and they just hope the kids will grow out of it, but who knows?
  14. My blood work was positive for celiac disease but my two biopsies were negative. My doctor still thinks I have it. Needless to say, I have not been following gluten-free diet and have been terrible during holiday season. My tummy is so bloated that I look 7 months pregnant! I have thin face, arms, and legs. I've also been itchy but I thought it was from hot showers and freezing cold weather. Now I'm wondering if I have celiac and should try to follow diet. Any opinions?
  15. I would try the diet for a few months and see how you feel. It is hard since gluten is in so many things. Be sure to read the labels at whole foods also. Some gluten free products may not truly be gluten free or they are produced in a plant that also produces products with gluten so things get cross contaminated. I would for sure try it if I had 2 positive blood tests.