Celia Birtwell for topshop: I was almost fashion roadkill today!

  1. You remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie falls over on the catwalk and the models just keep on going over her, she says that made her fashion roadkill. Well I had an experience today that reminded me of that!

    As I had the day off today I thought i would do a little shopping as it was payday and I knew from press coverage that Topshop was doing a collaboration with Celia Birtwell. For those of you who don't know who I am talking about she is an iconic Brit textile designer who was married to the famous 1970's London designer Ossie Clarke, He made the dresses and she designed the print for many of them. His original dresses now sell in vintage shops for £ 600 - 1500 and all the "it" girls in London have one e.g. Kate Moss. There was a major fashion exhibition of his clothes last year. Topshop in Oxford circus was getting the first limited deliveries of her stuff ( to check out what it looks like go to www.topshop.co.uk ) today so I thought I would have a look as i've always loved her prints - you know a little light shopping, some lunch, relaxation etc-!

    My god! It was fashion war! I wandered in around 11.30 and asked the concierge desk about it - a very harassed looking assistant pointed behind me. I turned round to discover a crowd of at least fifty other women all with their eyes fixed on the stockroom door! She informed me the first delivery had sold out within 5 minutes and they were expecting another at midday. As I was there I though I would join them - they kept us waiting for forty minutes during which rumors and counter rumors swept through the crowd - people started complaining they should have operated a ticket system, they should have taken advance orders and the rumor went round that they were keeping some back - the crowd almost rioted at that point! When the 2 rails of stuff did come out my god - have you ever seen those wildlife films were pirahnas strip a carcass of its meat in, like, 10 seconds flat? That is exactly what it was like - I got pushed out of the way and got nothing!Do you know who were the worst - the older women! There was a large group aged maybe in their fifties or sixties who probaly wore her designs first time round, they all looked very Notting Hilly ( which is where Celia Birtwell operated from in the sixties and sevemties.) My god it was like fighting with your mum!

    So there was a third delivery at four and I went back - exactly the same scenario but double the crowd -they had to get security down and the look of fear in the eyes of the poor blokes who wheeled out the rails with the dresses as they got pushed out the way by marauding women hungry for fashion - priceless! There was more stuff and I managed to get one of the blouses I wanted - yay! It could have been bad - if i'd have tripped i'm sure the crowd would have just carried on over my poor body!

    Are we all mad?! Who knows - and the thing is this collection though limited goes nationwide on May 9th so there will be more. Plus I just looked on e-bay and someone is already advertising pieces they got today - clearly they just scooped up what they could get in any size for that reason alone! It was funny and a bit embarassing - am I mad?! Has the whole world gone mad! Possibly - I had read that when the Stella McCartney for H and M range came out there was a stampede but never believed it - now I do.
    I am proudly wearing my new blouse as I type!
  2. sounds like utter madness.....but then again i remember the way women got with the H&M stella mccartney and karl lagerfeld lines......crying, pushing, fighting-it was like a circus........the stella mccartney stuff sold out in like literally 2 hours........is this the stuff you're talking about?.....i hear it'll be hitting NY in mid-June

  3. Yep that's a couple of the items - there are about ten in all and she's gonna be doing a couple of collections with them over the next year. I can't say there was crying or fighting though there was a bit of pushing and snatching (not from me honest - that's why I did so badly!) Actually at times it was rather sweet 'cos everyone was chatting to each other and I got talking to a couple of people and had a bit of a laugh.
  4. Wow, pretty stuff! Topshop over the next couple of months you say?
    How can I find out more?
  5. Go to the Topshop website - you will apparently be able to order online from, I think, 9th May. Plus they will be stocking much in larger numbers and in stores all around the UK - don't know when it hits the stores abroad though. Today was kind of a small taster - probaly stage managed by Topshop so they can get maximum press coverage tomorrow and sell more when it does get stocked properly! I liked the pieces though - what I was able to see of them!
  6. I am so jealous of all of you with a Topshop!! I wish we had one here in the US. Their stuff fits me so well!

    Can you post a pic of the blouse? So glad you're OK after the madness...
  7. I would love to but sadly I don't know how!! Must go and put some TCP on the cuts and grazes now....
  8. Thanks Katy! I'm in London for the 5th, I'll pop by a store then and see what's left!
  9. :biggrin::weird: Great story!

    ohhhh how I love thee, London
  10. Wow! I'm glad you got something for enduring all that madness! Btw, you are a great storyteller. You had me cracking up. Not that I found what happened to you funny .... it was just the way you told the story. Very entertaining. I'm glad you were not hurt during the chaos. I'd love to see a pic of the blouse you got.
  11. Thankyou Kat - I was slightly exagerating I must admit - I had to tell you gals the story as I couldn't tell my BF. He would have just stared at me and done one of two things -

    1. Suggested I had too much time on my hands ( he may be right!)

    2. Left me!

    Anyway I checked e-bay again and there are at least seven or eight more items from the range up for auction so quite clearly some people only went to get stuff to ebay which i think is a little cynical. I went 'cos I absolutely love her stuff and to wear it is a thrill for me! The same blouse I bought is up on ebay - it is the one with the kind of double sleeves in black and a pussy bow tye - I think it's called the drifting daisy pattern.
  12. Pretty stuff (reminds me of doodles!); but not worth broken ribs and internal bleeding, surely?

    Oh, those eBay sellers! :wacko:
  13. Gawd, that's crazy.
  14. OMG I can so imagine that! :lol:

    I've seen 6ft tall, solid security men being reduced to metal meltdown by female clubbers who are frantically trying to get their handbags out the cloakroom of a club, I creased up when I read this coz it so brought back the memories!

    Glad you got something you liked, anyway. ;)