Celebuspawn Kelly Osbourne & Kim Stewart quashed Reality Show

  1. Kelly Osbourne Calls Off Reality Show

    Posted Aug 8th 2007 3:17PM by TMZ Staff

    [​IMG]It turns out that it was the Stewart/Osbourne camp -- and not E!, as originally reported -- who canned the show. Producers wanted the glamor girls to spend time with "real people" doing "real jobs" -- like garbage men and hot dog vendors -- and make fun of them. Not bloody f**king cool!

    A source tells TMZ that after she saw the first show, Kelly decided not to sign on, as it was "demeaning to other people and juvenile."
  2. Aww man. Cross that off my "to watch" list.
  3. How degrading of a show!!! I wonder what moron came up with that stupid concept!!! I cant stand that whole Stewart family!
  4. Well done, Ms Osborne! I betcha Ms Stewart wouldn't have had a problem with the concept but Kelly at least has shown some dignity.
  5. Oh....the TV gods heard my prayers.....another reality show down the drain...