Celebs & YSL bags

  1. I'be been looking at the muse as well. I know there is a large and an oversized one but I'm not sure about other sizes.

    I think some of these celebs really need to rethink carrying around the oversized muse, like Jennifer Aniston as it looks likes she's struggling with it.
  2. Its hip to carry heavy and big bags now. Lol. I guess it helps in losing weight too.
  3. nc.jpg nc2.jpg
  4. Noami Watts (petite) carries Medium. Most of the models and actresses are tall and slender, they can carry XL or L.
  5. OMG! Is that Nicole Richie? The hair, the dress, what happened to her? She looks tacky.
  6. I LOVE Nicole Richie's muse, is it suede?
  7. Vanity Fair Editor Anne McNally.
  8. Artist Tracey Emin.
  9. Charlize Theron
  10. I love how Naomi Watts looks with her Muse!
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    Nicole Richie
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  13. What bag is that on post 43? Thanks
  14. It is the Vincennes hobo. There are a couple of threads about it if you do a search...:yes:
  15. Thanks Cosmopolitan:yes: ;)