Celebs & YSL bags

  1. These pictures are killing me:hysteric: Before I discovered TPF, I actually thought Muse looked very "auntie" i.e old bag lady :p (Actually I thought MJ Stam was also very auntie until :girlsigh: ) NOW, me think Muse is cool :supacool: . Me want a Muse too...I'm amuse that a muse can abuse me this much...
  2. charlizetheron1.jpg charlizetheron2.jpg charlizetheron3.jpg
  3. ^^didn't know Charlize was a Muse owner. Thanks BL. I wonder if that's the large. I'm 5-7 and the medium was plenty large enough for me.
  4. great thread! thanks for all the pics.
  5. Madonna:
    madonna muse.jpg madonna muse 1.jpg
  6. Jen Aniston:
    YSL Jen Aniston.jpg
  7. Jessica Alba.
  8. Madonna:
  9. BUMP!

    (I think we should just make this thread a sticky!!!)
  10. JLo:
  11. i loveeeeeeeee nicoles yellow muse
  12. Niki Hilton:
    niki muse.jpg
  13. This is my favorite. Sorry, muse. :girlsigh:
  14. i'm with you!It's so original and beautiful.
  15. I keep coming back here to look at the muse. I am really wanting one. I am clueless about the sizes though -- I get the really big one is the XL, but it looks like some are carrying smaller -- are they large or medium?