celebs you are tired of

  1. what are some of the celebs actress /singer ect / you are tired of hearing about or seeing in the media who you no longer like or never liked.....:hysteric::hysteric::hysteric: i have quiet a few to many to name
  2. :sad: all of them!
  3. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Sienna Miller....
  4. Beyoncee, Paris, VB, Katie Price aka Jordan,
  5. Jessica Simpson, Tom & Katie, Bradgelina, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and the list goes on...............
  6. OMG - like all of them. But Paris Hilton tops my list. What the heck is she famous for anyway?
  7. I would have to go with Tom Cruise as number one, he is so opinionated!
  8. Paris Hilton and Beyonce'
  9. Again : #1 PARIS HILTON
    Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss............a lot of them famous for their "fashion style" or "party hard", the real celeb artists are too busy working !
  10. I couldn't agree more!!:yes:
  11. Paris Hilton is on the top of my list! Sooo tired of her! The rest i can somewhat cope with lol
  12. Paris Hilton for sure!! :yucky:
    Lindsay Lohan
    Mischa Barton
    Paris Hilton
    The Olsen Twins
    Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes
  14. Paris Hilton
    Nicole Richie
    Lindsay Lohan
    Tom Cruise
    Jennifer Aniston
  15. BRAD
    Jessica Simpson
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