Celebs without make-up

  1. I thought Pamela Anderson had her eye/lipliner tattooed on. (Or am I imagining that?)
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  3. The one that suprises me is Pamela Anderson....she's not that attractive at all al'natural.....she's just your average ordinary looking person without makeup from the neck up

  4. unnnnn, i think penelope Cruz has make-up.I saw her in a spanish television show, where they caught her walking on the street, and she looked horrible, and she was certanly without make up!

  5. sorry, double post!
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  8. Most of them still looked really pretty. Although some are rather surprising.
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    A very unglamorous Demi Moore was spotted showing her age after having a facial in a Beverly Hills beauty salon.
  10. Wow J Lo w/out make up surprised me. She looks so normal and not bad like some of them do IMO. Eva is scary looking.
    Uma looks normal too.
  11. I think evas light hair color is contributing to her ashy look, LOL!
  12. Nice thread, good to see this "side" of celebrities sometimes. Those pictures are awful and they look even worse than "regular" people you see down the street.
  13. Hilary Duff looks amazing to not be wearing any makeup!

    Plus, she's representing FLORIDA! ;)
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    When photographers caught up with one-time Hollywood It Girl Meg Ryan sneaking out of Sally Hershberger's The Face Place following a chemical peel she was.....a little red in the cheeks.
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