Celebs without make-up

  1. Exactly:yes:
  2. I think Jessica Simpson is soo naturally pretty,,, she doesn't need any makeup at all! lol
  3. Garner looks the best! what a natural beauty! used to love her esp in Alias
  4. Makeup totally transforms!!!
  5. i think jessica looks beautiful without makeup!

    some celebs look not so great without makeup, but it only makes them human.
  6. WOW..Makeup really works! :o)
  7. I think they all look pretty much the same, just a bit enhanced. Pamela Andersson is the only one who looks totally different! :biggrin:
  8. jessica and jennifer garner still looks good without makeup
  9. jennifer garner, liv, drew julia roberts & britney are pretty though :p
  10. some of these celebrities look so haggard!!! but some also look beautiful even without the makeup and i prefer that much better.
  11. I'm feeling a little better about myself now that I realize the celebrities need some enhancement to make them look glamerous. They're naturally beautiful, of course, but none would make me look at them twice if they didn't have on makeup and a nice hair style.
  12. OMG Nicole Richie !! you would think that celebs with that much money and time can afford to have a beautiful skin !!! I mean.. pimples ?!
    Some of them look trully awful, of course it can just be a bad photo of them.
    I never wear any make up, and I´m happy to realize -at contrary of some of these celebs- that I don´t need make up to "save" my face.
  13. This thread is funny. Jennifer Garner looks great even without make-up on. The rest look like sh*t!
  14. Spears,Eva, Garner, J-Lo, Jessica Simpson look OK ..
    Liv loosk great ..
    Ritchie Looks Good ..

    Rest are :sick:
  15. Wow....sure puts things into perspective