Celebs with the famous BOB HAIR CUT

  1. can someone post pics of celebs with the famous bob hair cut like nicole richie and so on.. i am getting my hair cut tomorrow and need more pics thanks
  2. i think you're going to have to be more specific...i can't think of any bob that nicole richie has had...do you mean like the one victoria beckham has?
  3. these are the only two i can find


  4. Well Jenna Jameson, Kate Bosworth and Jenny Mccarthy all have bobs now.
    jenna-jameson-tao-skinny-01.jpg kate%20bos.jpg jennder.jpg
  5. tell your hairdresser your want a concave bob
  6. i just saw rihanna on mtv trl with the awesomest bob, she rocked her new 'do.
  7. Rene Zellweger got it too! Look at photos from the Met Gala the other night and you'll see her.
  8. Oh yes, Rihanna has a great, a bit different kind of bob:yes:
  9. Posh looks good.
  10. Here's a couple more of Kate Bosworth. She looks very cute.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    kate.JPG kate2.JPG
  11. I love the bob look. I am seriously considering cutting my hair. I love how it looks on Rhianna and Jenny McCarthy. I think that Posh's hair is too thin for this style.
  12. I recently got my hair cut like Jenna's. I get so many compliments on it. You have to have stick straight hair for it.
  13. im getting my hair cut like rihannas but im not too sure what it looks like at the back!! if anyone could get any pictures