Celebs with LV speedies..

  1. This thread is dedicated for lovely speedies carried by celebs..amazing how many celebs own mono speedy :smile:
    %25C7%25EC%25B4%25F5_modelpcp_download0_%25282%2529-ciara_nugent-madam86.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 5c_1.JPG 00030m.jpg 71172_angieout.jpg 005263261pp.jpg 19173274_2395af5fe6.jpg ashley tisdale.jpg Audrey.jpg
  2. more
    en000921521360lm.jpg erstebilder14pl.jpg Eugenia Volodina.jpg evaferre7lz.jpg eve speedy.jpg f6-madam86.jpg f1176bi.jpg h021.jpg hd35ej.jpg hil14xg.jpg
  3. You should add the one with Sophia Loren! I love that one . . .
  4. :graucho:
    6502eh.jpg 20060724-canalis_vuitton_denim.jpg 20060728-canalis_vuitton.jpg candid0025ne.jpg La_bella_Melissa_Satta_28.jpg
  5. i would love to see some celebs with the damier speedy!
  6. I so only recognized like 5 people. LOL.

  7. :lol: That is five more than I recognized.
  8. add more
    hilton speedy.jpg joel madden.jpg lv78tk.jpg marykate.jpg MDimage1_0_0_0_4r.jpg michelle williams.jpg model.jpg normal077e11ks.jpg pam.jpg pamela speedy.jpg
  9. more..yes..I love to see celebs with damier speedy..pls add if you find them ;)
    pamela speedy 2.jpg purty.jpg sb11.jpg simpson speedy.jpg simpson speedy7.jpg traci bingman.jpg vuitton.jpg
  10. Pamela´s bag!! hot!
  11. that's a great thread, thanks so much for starting it! :flowers:
  12. i love the mandarin speedy!!!
  13. i thought i was the only one who did not know who the people were. i'm glad i'm not alone! :smile:
  14. i like all the bags, though. it was good of you to start this thread, bagsnbags!
  15. I am glad that I am not alone either.:graucho: