Celebs with EDITH

  1. So there are a million photo's of celebs with their paddy's, spy and muse bags. What about dear Edith?

    Any sightings yet?
  2. Hmm that's a good point! None so far but I'll keep a look out.
  3. I'll be in LA tomorrow so I will keep an eye out.....I will post on Saturday night.
  4. Sometimes, I think the magazines are slow, but the fashion consultants are so much faster at dressing their celebrities. Latest issue of Elle had it as an "It" bag, along with the following: B-bag toile, Ramona, MJ Polina, B-Fendi, Mulberry Martha, Luella Diana, Chanel classic quilted. Is this news to anyone?

    The fact that we haven't seen ediths on celebrities yet makes me think that we're simply not going to.
  5. Edith is a little non-celeb looking to me. Maybe a little more mature than some of the celebs we see plastered on every magazine? But I will keep an eye out! I have seen Edith on her own in Lucky, WWD Accessories, Elle, Harper's Bazaar...maybe that's it.
  6. I have to say...I hope we do not see the new Chloe bags on the "typical" starlets...keep away, keep away...
  7. I so agree with ^^^. It's not your typical starlet bag and I certainly also hope that it remains that way!!!
  8. yeah, i agree. having a bag that i love that isn't an "it" bag makes me love it that much more.
  9. I much prefer to see bags on Purse Forum and Fashion Spot members than on celebs.

    And one thing that attracts me to my muse is that Lindsay Lohan did NOT sport it for one night...and neither did she "do" Edith:amuse: .
  10. Good point, QuirkyCool - and your wording made me laugh too hard..........

    I'm thinking maybe since the Edith got so much advance hype ("Get on the wait list for this bag right now....... hurry, hurry.........") that the stylists who normally have celebs wear these bags, just passed this one up. It was already going to be popular.

    Better for us.
  11. Got back from LA last night and no Edith sightings..........but lots of Balenciaga and LV.
  12. I could deal with Kiera Knightley, but Jessica Simpson :Push: ... though I do have say, she has great tastes in bags, but I can't stand her ditsy-ness. (Is that a word?)
  13. BL, I think she's been having us on! I never thought I would say that, but have you seen her interviews lately? Do you think the Newlyweds producers told her to say really stupid things to get people to "watch next week" to see the next dumb thing she says? Either that, or she has had a crash course in vocabulary in the last six months. Still, I would not classify her as a "smarty-pants" as the article did. Edith seems to mature for her.
  14. ^^^ At this point in time, she could develop cold fusion plus a cure for cancer and I would still have a hard time believing her stellar IQ that was advertised.

    Producers or not, I have issues with women who take on that role, I think it sets a horrible role model for younger women/girls. Then of course, there is a whole subterranean level of class, by the likes of Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, etc... but I won't go there.