Celebs who become "designers"

  1. How does everyone feel about this?

    I had the latest issue of InStyle and my BIL pointed out an ad of Jessica Simpson's new bag and shoe line. He thought it was pretty cheesy - I had noticed it before but I guess I didn't give it much thought b/c of all the celebs who had done it already.

    Off the top of my head: JLo, Gwen Stefani, Eve, Diddy... I'm sure there's more.

    I would never invest in any of their stuff... but I guess their just trying to maximize their fame while they can, right?


    (BTW, did a search to see if this topic had come up before and nothing was there... ;))
  2. Personally, I don't mind celebs who design (or put their name on something) and actually wear/use the product. The only people that do that are Gwen and Victoria Beckham, as far as I know. I am waiting on a pair of VB sunnies that some one is suppose to bring me from Europe to see what they are like and I own several pairs of VB jeans (I must say they are THE BEST jeans I've ever owned!).
  3. I dont like Jessica Simpson's shoes..but I used to like Gwen's LAMB bags.
  4. it really depends if u like the celebrity or not, i wouldnt invest in their stuff except for victoria beckham's. jessica simpson, mandy moore, & the others doesnt interest me at all... same thing with the perfume line of celebrities.
  5. If their stuff looks good and like it, I would buy it-esp. if it's on sale:smile: Some people actually do have talent and are good at it-like Sean Combs-his men's lines are hot sellers and he actually got a fashion council award a few years ago.

    People like Nikki Hilton or Beyonce and her mom, I don't think they have talent as much as desire to design-and I actually don't knock them because I'm all for people expanding horizons-but doesn't mean I'd buy it.
  6. I think most of these lines are designed by someone other that the celebs themselves - an anonymous designer is bought in by a company and the celeb puts their name to the product for a considerable amount of money. You're not telling me that Vic Beckham sat down and spent days refining a jeans design, someone did it and she probaly at most gave a nod on the final designs- if that!
  7. I think most celeb designers are trying to maximize the profit from their fame. There might be a few who are actually talented. I probably wouldn't spend a lot of money on celeb brands unless it's very original.
  8. I dunno, I am not at all interested in other celeb designers, but I have always been a huge fan of Jessica Simpson (notice the pic--which is actually one of her ads), so I guess I am biased...
  9. ITA - it's just another way for them to make more money....Then they use themselves for the marketing thinking that their fans will buy that product because it somehow makes the fan feel like they are more like the celebrity...or it makes the fan somehow feel closer to the celebrity..

    So many stars are jumping on the designer marketing bandwagon; it's annoying. Some actually love to design ie:J.LO, Gwen Stefani - they are fashion icons of this generation.
    Jessica Simpson on the other hand is just a cheeseball trying to profit off of anything...I mean fake hair with her name on it ...Come on!! I wouldn't want to give her one penny of my money....
  10. I wouldn't not buy a celebrity's product just b/c it's from a celebrity. If I like it, I would buy it. I'm not a fan of Paris Hilton, but I actually like one of her perfumes. I don't own any of Gwen Stefani's clothing/accessories, but I do like them. I've seen Jlo's and Jessica Simpson's stuff, and I definitely don't like it. So I like some but don't like some. My point is that it's not b/c of who they are, it's what they have produced.
  11. I think it depends on who is designing. Gwen and Victoria Beckham are talented, while others only put their names on the labels to maximise profit... I guess it's because it's so expensive for the companys to create new cool brands, and its easiere to use an already known brand...

    I would never buy anything because it was designed by J. Lo...
  12. it annoys me. Jessica Simpson more than anyone else - but generally I'm annoyed that celebrities capitalize on their fame with designs that are likely not wholly their own. i like some (Gwen Stefani's name comes to mind...others too, just can't think of them)...you also definitely see it with fragrance - doesn't it feel like every celebrity has their own fragrance line out??

    its smart from a business standpoint...As much as I can't stand her, thats what paris hilton did well...but now every celebrity is trying to become their own brand :rolleyes:
  13. I can't stand it!!! I would never ever buy any clothing or cosmetics etc. buy some celeb!!!
  14. I think some of Jessica Simpsons shoes are really nice, especially the gingham wedges
  15. What does LAMB stand for?