Celebs & Thier Clothing Lines

  1. you know all these corny celebrity clothing lines are getting on my nerves!! they are the epitome of the most cheap products ridiculously priced, cut horribly and are just plain yucko!!

    is it any wonder why even the CELEBS won't wear thier own product?

    ok I am done with my rant. thank you. :censor:
  2. i hate celeb clothing lines just like i hate celebs modeling for real designers - leave the clothing to the designers, and the modeling to the models. if i want to look like them, i'll buy the clothes that they buy, not some crappy derivative that's there just for them to make money.
  3. Totally agree.... Although hardly any celebrities design for their clothing lines anyway. And if there is any involvement, it's just them okaying the details.

    I totally hate celebrity perfumes. I really don't want to smell like a pretend version of J Lo, Britney Spears ... Donald Trump! :throwup:
  4. I'm not a very big fan of celeb clothing lines, the only person I think who has done it properley and employed the right people and actually gone about it the right way is Gwen Stefani! Over here in the U.K her clothing line is stocked in Most Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, and up untill last month i've always never bothered looking at it, but something caught my eye last month in HN's and I actually looked properley at all of her line, and I must say its TDF, some of the items are totally cute, and I've definitly got my eye on a few things for this coming fall!
    But as far as the likes of Britney, Beyonce, Nikki Hilton, the Olsens, Hilary Duff etc go, I don't even bother looking at it! Its far too Tacky!
  5. I agree 100%, I personally think celebrities have way too much power for what they do.
  6. Knowing that it's a celebrity brand automatically makes me NOT want to buy it.

    In fact, I was in turmoil everytime I wore my Chanel harlequin rhinestoned Sunnies because Denise Richards has them on in EVERY photo I've seen. . . I hated wearing the Denise Richards sunnies! LOL!
  7. Susan Lucci produces decent quality,and most importantly,is often photographed candidly out and about wearing her clothing line. If a celeb won't wear it(hello,Suzanne Somers,Jessica Simpson) then you have to wonder. Gwen Stefani I think does it best-even her child wears it. Although I totally forgot that Victoria Beckhams jeans rock! I love my VB crown jeans.:yahoo:
  8. Hummm like the ugly hoochie Mama shoe line that Jessica Simpson produces! YUCK! Sorry if anybody likes her shoes.
  9. hmmm.... i don't know.... the only celebrity clothing lines i like are J.Lo and L.A.M.B. J.Lo's clothes fit me very well, and i have a few pairs of her shoes too. i have yet to buy Gwen Stefani's clothes, but i really like what i've seen so far.
  10. If a celeb has a clothing line I will initially be curious and check it out but I'm not going to buy something BECAUSE it's the celeb's line, if that makes any sense.

    I have a J. Lo sweater and TDF cargo pants that are both really well made and fit great! I'm not a cargo pants girl so this was a total (and cheap!) tangent.

    What matters most is the style and quality, no matter who makes it or endorses it. My Mom is an incredible seamstress and sewed most of my brothers and my clothes when we were kids and she taught us about clothing construction, what to look for, etc.

    I've never worn any L.A.M.B. but I love Gwen's style! :jammin:
  11. i was at TJMaxx and saw some of eve's fetish stuff and it was HORRIBLE! I got super annoyed, and then saw some house of dereon stuff at overstock.com and even at the bargain basement prices, they were just horrible items and wayyy overpriced!

    they should be ashamed of themselves. no wonder they are always seen with 'real' designer gowns and clothing and even accessories on!
  12. i think its just a pathetic way for them to get even more money..
  13. ^^^ I agree!!! Some celeb's clothing lines are cute but others are just casual clothing - nothing special except their names on your tags.
  14. haha, we just started selling that house of dereon stuff at macys, and i had no idea who made it for some time. I think it's hilarious how they try to give the impression that it's classy but their bags are priced in the $100 range and its POLYESTER/VINYL ...just about anything that's not leather! What a rip off. I cringe everytime somoene buys one.
  15. its all about money.. once they get famous they try to find ways to earn more money!! who can blame them though, if there's an opportunity for anyone to earn more money, he'll definitly take it!