Celebs & Their Over sized Bags

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. YAY for big bags! Love the Bbags!
  3. Love big bags but, fear that they will be out of style soon so,I try to get medium size bags.....I do own 1 big bag though
  4. I love Beyonce's bag!! What a gorgeous color. Is that a BV?
  5. would love to see celebs with chanel coco cabas tote :heart:
  6. Great bags! Honestly, these probably look even larger on them because most are so much tinier than "average" sized women.
  7. it's zac posen
  8. Big bags ROCK :rochard: .

    Finally, something for the BIG people :nuts: :yes: :nuts:
  9. I LOVE gwens bag!, =]
  10. i love big bags......... so roomy.... lol
  11. I love it too! Can anyone tell me what it is?
  12. Would someone please tell me who is the celebrity in picture #5, just to the left of Gwen Stefani? Also what handbag is she carrying? In that picture the bag looks horrible and I don't recognize the star.

    I like large handbags but not where they look big enough to be a weekend bag. Peggy
  13. Ooh .... lovely... I love big bags tho' I'm 5'2" 88kg (petite).... I always say that as my age increases, the size of my bags increases too! However, I'm always careful that whenever I buy a big bag, I have to ensure that the size is not so huge that it overwhelms me. It has to be proportionate. But I love roomy big bags.
  14. Love It!
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