Celebs Post Baby Body's!

  1. I came across these pics of Nicole and Joel taken on January 27 2008 - she looks fabulous! These would have been taken approx. 2 weeks after Harlow was born!
    normal_001.jpg normal_003.jpg normal_04.jpg normal_06.jpg
  2. Julianna Marguiles
  3. Great pics ! Thanks for posting.
  4. LOL by the looks of what they are wearing looks like this pic was taken in 1984
  5. Christina Aguilera
    christina.jpg christinaaguilera.jpg
  6. No probs... I figured with the Celebrity Baby boom we will have plenty of pictures to see & talk about!
  7. aww.. nicole looks better than christina... christina needs different makeup :sad:

    thanks fro posting though.. i want more! lol
  8. My God, Christina's boobs are huge! And her lipstick's too dark. I'm in a critical mood tonight...ignore me!
  9. Salma Hayek out this weekend (she gave birth to Valentina in September'07)
  10. Salma and Christina look like they need to get to a breast pump stat! Their boobs are going to burst.
  11. great thread!
  12. Yeah Xtina & Salma's boobs are huge! They are definately breastfeeding!

    We have to remember how tiny Nicole already was - she obviously sprung straight back into shape. I only hope I look like that 2 weeks after having a baby!
  13. Christinas boobs are bigger than my head
  14. More Nicole... These were taken on 4 February 2008
    Nicole1.jpg Nicole2.jpg Nicole3.jpg
  15. I think Nicole looks amazing!