Celebs Night & Day !!

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  2. I don't understand why MK with all her money and access to fabulous-ness insists on looking like a hobo most of the time !!
  3. Why can't the Olsen's just learn to dress? I think their sense of fashion is horrible and that their wal mart clothes look better than half the stuff they dress themselves in!
  4. i think ashley dresses fine. marykate on the otherhand.... yikes.
    gimme your money, honey.. i'll put it to REAL use.
  5. Yeah, the Olsens are really interesting to watch.
    Is that Sienna Miller? She looks lovely day and night, such a cute smile!
    Paris Hilton, on the other hand, looks erm... spotty? She even has round sunglasses to match!
  6. She transforms into a beautiful girl when she wears clothes that fit!
  7. Ugh! Paris Hilton's day outfit in this pic is just ghastly!
  8. They are just like us...we would look like a million if we had personal staff as well.
  9. most of them look way better at night. LOL!
  10. MB looks just plain DEATHLY....She looks like she needs to be on some life support machine.