Celebs & MJ-your thoughts

  1. NY fashion week has passed, and i noticed that with the MJ fashion show, there were TONS of celebs in attendance. :shrugs: his shows seem to usually be celebrity-driven, but i felt like this time around it was too much. i mean, when i saw 50 cent there, i was like wtf??? it's obvious he wasn't there to look for what to buy for the women in his life! i felt like a lot of the celebs were there just to be seen, like it was an opening at a nightclub. i guess this really wouldn't hurt MJ any, it gives him exposure and publicity. but i just felt like there was no NEED; it was like unnecessary hype. except for a few pieces, the spring '07 line was rather disappointing, and i wouldn't have cared who showed up; celeb-gazing isn't my reason for buying MJ. what do you guys think?:flowers:
  2. thanks for the article, kezza. the models were described as faceless, almost lacking in personality. maybe that's part of the problem? all the "personality" is with the celebs whose sole purpose is to push their images by attending these fashion shows. so attention seems to be shifted? hmmm, i would think focusing less on the celebrity of a supermodel by picking models who are "blanks" would have made people concentrate more on the fashion being showcased, but i don't think that is the case. i don't like it, but i'm cynical about these things.
  3. I find it particularly alarming that seats intended for fashion professionals are going to people like Carmen Electra, who are really only there to be seen. Fashion is in such a weird place right now, with models who don't even really look human and this kind of insane celebrity frenzy to have the latest thing. People compliment some celebrities' sense of style (*cough* nicole richie *cough*), while I seriously doubt that they have any say at all, they're just being told what to wear by their stylists. Do you really believe that Lindsay Lohan picked out all her bags personally? Surely she pays someone very handsomely to tell her what to wear. Some celebs do seem to pick out their own looks (Selma Blair comes to mind first), but they seem to be "old fashioned" and kind of a rarity.
  4. ^^exactly! i always roll my eyes when a reporter from one of those entertainment shows asks why those celebutantes like lilo and nicole ritchie are at a particular show, and they give some vague generic cliche-type statement about their "favorite" designer(s).
    i really feel like designers such as MJ do not need to rely on those type of celebs, though. his clothes/bags/accessories have so much personality anyway, even the pieces i don't like. but i think he's friends with those types of celebutantes, anyway. how unfortunate. maybe he himself is losing focus.
  5. My thoughts exactly when i seen pics of 50 being there.