Celebs & MJ Accessories

  1. Minnie Driver and a friend shopping at The Grove - her friend is carrying a Stam Hobo
    image-1266416934.png image-3014768238.png
  2. Rachel Zoe seen leaving the MJ store in LA - Hmmmmm, wonder what's in the bag? Looks like there's a hat box inside there! I'm thinking someone got a new bag!
    image-3016603794.png image-214910620.png image-134778243.png
  3. Kristin Cavallari with the Skinny Single
    image-336588270.png image-1692575824.png image-2605266622.png
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  5. Courtney Cox in a F11 MJ Collection polka dot scarf & cutaway leather jacket
    image-1181852956.png image-1292574573.png
  6. I like that leather jacket...scared to know how much it costs thou!
  7. Not too much -- once it went on sale! LOL!

    It was originally $2400, but they went on sale at the end of the season
    I got one after first markdown, and then another after second!:p
  8. Aw! This is what happens to me for not following things when they come out. Boo. Which colors did you get? Was it a super steal? :graucho:
  9. Selma Blair and her red Perry
    image-1592856027.png image-2933404012.png
  10. They were from last years Resort collection (2010) and they went on sale last June/July. I originally got Navy (which is what I think Courtney's is, altho mine is much darker - it almost looks black. I'm thinking the camera flash made it look lighter). The first markdown was 30%. I loved it so much, I told my SA that if they had any left when they did second markdown, to let me know. She called me a few weeks later when they did 2nd markdown (60%) because they had one green one left in my size.

    Green was originally the color I had wanted, but thinking that I'd only own one, I went with navy because it was more practical. I was so excited that they still had a green one left after 2nd markdown!

    Victoria Beckham has the green one (and I think another color too). There are a bunch of pics of the various colors in this thread:
  11. allison mosshart and jamie hince with MJ :heart:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Lindsay Lohan carrying a Blake, borrowed from LL style thread
  14. Sofia Coppola attends the amfAR Inspiration Night Paris at Maxim's on June 28, 2012 in Paris, France. (clutch and outfit from Resort 2013) credits: zimbio and vogue
    amfAR+Inspiration+Night+Paris+Sponsored+Rebecca+gHFSvGiQEfXl.jpg marc-jacobs-resort2013-runway-21_184936617624.jpg