Celebs & kOOba bags

  1. Do we have this thread yet? I couldn't find it, so post them here. (If there is a thread for it, please close this one, TIA.)
  2. Hayden & mom
  3. Here's more from Hayden..

  4. Hayden again...& Vanessa
    hayden2.jpg vanessa.jpg
  5. She is so cute. Plus she is a star on my favorite show! I didn't know she wore all those kooba bags.
  6. Wow, does anyone know who designs that blue jacket in the middle picture?

    Her mum looks like she is carrying a Natasha Patent caramel!
  7. Avril and Sienna.
  8. It's the Carla Bag in Terraine. Is this a recent pic? Is that black hair a wig or is she pregnant?
  9. I think she was pregnant and she died her hair.
  10. Oh Man...where did Ashlee get a metallic silver Alex??? Pretty. And what is the little black bag that Lindsay is carrying with the studs. It's the small tote version of the Helena and Kim but I don't know it's name. Looks like a Francesca with studs.
  11. What a fun thread, thanks girls!
  12. Rachel Bilson is so delish, and so is her man AND her bag. god she rocks.


    woven braedon in i don't know what color

    pardom moi if my info is incorrect... i am pilfering the internet for pix ;)