Celebs & Handbags...


What is your reaction when you see a celeb carrying a handbag?

  1. I immediately track down the designer and buy the bag

  2. I immediately turn the other way- I could care less

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  1. Curious to hear your response.....
  2. I don't immediately turn the other way, but I don't really care about which bag which celeb is carrying.

    If one, or any person for that matter is carrying one I have, I'm interested in seeing how it looks when being carried. but not because a celeb is carrying it.
  3. The options in this poll are rather extreme ends...

    I personally couldn't care less who is carrying which bag. However, there must be some connection between celebs wearing certain bags and bags becoming popular... Otherwise, designers wouldn't give away their bags to celebrities for free.
  4. Sorry- I was being a bit sarcastic in the options. I do agree I should have added a 3rd option- of somewhere in the middle :sad:

    For me, I don't get a sense of allure when I see a celeb wearing a certain bag. I used to be obsessed with Balenciaga and then I got sick of seeing the Olsen twins, Nicky Hilton, Nicole Ritche, even J Lo carrying them. Plus it pisses me off that they probably got them for free :tdown:

    I wonder if Victoria Beckham paid for all her Birkins- I think I read somewhere that she owns 10 or 15? :wtf:
  5. It doesn't matter to me what bag a celeb is carrying. If I drool over a bag I'll get it, if not...I wont. I actually prefer NOT to have a bag that a celebrity has but I know some people think that bags are not drool worthy unless they're being carried by celebrities. I feel sorry for celebrities bags though...they carry them for about a week, then you never see them again, poor bags! It's like they don't have bags that they cherish, just the latest ones being released and it bothers me!
  6. I don't turn away but I don't go out and buy the bag. Normally I already have many that I see.
  7. Honestly, I'll admit that it makes the bag more appealing to me. I always tend to notice what bags Lindsay, Paris, etc are carrying. I don't like it when EVERYONE is carrying it and it gets played out. I do get influenced by celebs a lot, not just in terms of purses but also style and clothing wise.
  8. i won't want or buy a bag JUST because a celebrity has it, i have to love it! but i will admit i definitely get happy if i see something i already own on a celebrity that i like. it's part of the celebrities job to look and dress nicely.
  9. I don't think that I've ever purchased a bag based on seeing a celebrity carrying it, however, I do love to look!:smile:
  10. It's not so much the fact that they're a celebrity. I pay attention to what type of bag every person I see is carrying...that's just how I am. But I do pay attention to celebrities because I do most of my shopping online because there isn't a big variety where I live in Ohio and we tend to get things later than the big cities. Seeing a celeb carrying a bag doesn't make me go buy it but it is a way that I keep abreast of new styles, designers, etc.
  11. I don't like a bag because a particular celebrity has it, I just browse magazines and notice things I like.

    I think the best part of liking a bag that a celebrity wears, though, is seeing what it looks like on someone and with stuff in it...instead of just a stock photo online or in a catalog.
  12. I immediately turn the other way- I could care less
  13. I've purchased bags after seeing them on celebs before and will def. do it again (it just heps me to visualize how the bag would look like on as most of my bags are purchased on line, esp. the ones that are limited and no longer available to try on at the store).

    For example, I have never considered getting CHANEL bowler till I saw these pics of Elle Macpherson carrying one:

    39596_ellem1.jpg Elle Chanel.jpg

    I've also made up my mind about Waltz Oskar after seeing Angie Harmon with one:

    untitled6.jpg untitled7.jpg

    And last but not least, this pic of VB


    made me get a black birkin with gold hardware (when I though I would never want to own a black birkin).
  14. I didn't answer the pole because my answer was somewhere in between. I am sometimes interested in a bag when I see it on a celebrity, but more because maybe I haven't seen it before (this happened with Balenciaga when it first became popular ... I LOVED that bag, but wasn't willing to spend the $$ on it until recently). However, seeing an awesome bag in a photo by a TPF member works the same way to inspire my lust for it. If a celebrity carries it doesn't make it more appealing to me, but it does sometimes allow me to see the bag before I might otherwise notice it (well, before coming here that is since all you TPF members are so on top of things!).
  15. for me it depends on the bag. I first saw the MC speedy when Jessica wore it on newly weds. now i did not go out and get just be she owns it. But I did track it down because its a gorgeous bag.