Celebs customize Fendi Artist baguette for charity

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  1. Hi,

    I just found this on thebaglady.tv:

    "Remember a few weeks back we showed you the Fendi Artist Baguette - essentially a white canvas bag with markers and which they were charging an arm and a leg for? Well, they've managed to wrangle a bunch of celebs into customizing a baguette each in order to tack another $1200 onto the pricetag - all in the name of charity of course...

    Scarlett Johansson, Kim Cattrall, Marchesa's Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, Project Runway contestant Chris March and über-cool DJing trio The MisShapes have all lent their style cred to the cause.

    The bags will go on sale April 17 on eLuxury.com, with the proceeds going to a charity selected by each designer.

    Marchesa's Chapman said the idea behind their bag was to keep the theme "simply modern and chic".

    "We layered black-and-white hand-embroidered feathers softly on top of each other to create something graphic yet feminine," she told WWD. You can see the result pictured above."

    has anyone got any pics??
    anyone thinking of getting one?

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  2. I used to say that the only thing this bag would be good for is for autographs! I guess this totally makes sense.
  3. Apparently that's what's happening here in Sydney (or maybe the whole of Australia...?) too. Only one will be brought in and a (presumably local) designer or designers will embellish the bag, which will then be auctioned off for charity.
  4. I think these " color your own bagettes" are such a cool idea! And the whole celebs for charity deal is great!