Celebs & Bottega Veneta Bags - PICS ONLY!!! (no chatting)

  1. C-24, thank you for the L'Wren pic. That is a gorgeous bag. I wish I had the figure like Ellen Barkin to fit into one of her form-fitting dresses. Va-va voom!!! :p
  2. Oh come on, ms p, you`re not old enough to already play the age card, at least looking at your pic from your DH`s graduation you`re not! I´d love to have s/thing fabulous in croc as well, shiny that is, and I´m 20 plus a guy ;)
  3. I know, Ellen Barkin looks so well put together in her dresses. But L`Wren`s own figure kinda scares me, esp. in these skinny pants. What is she, like 8 feet tall???

    Also like the outfit from her companion but don`t recognize any BV in there...
  4. Oh Claus, aren't you just the sweetest. :girlsigh: Looks like those huge sunnies fooled you. I'm a whole 16 years older than you. :smile:
  5. Ellen looked gorgeous in L'Wren's dresses for Ocean's 13 and the press junkets. I read L'Wren is 6 feet tall. Talk about totally towering over her bf, Mick Jagger!
  6. LOVE that bag, and I believe those are BV woven sandals on her feet as well. Tried them on but they were too wide for me. :sad:
  7. Oops, sorry about the Brooke Shields pic(had trouble pasting it) and it's actually a Cole Haan!
  8. Hopefully, this pic will work. Anyone ever seen these grey, slouchy, velvet BV boots(from shoebunny.com)?

  9. btw, where do you ppl find all these great pics? they don't look scanned so that's why i ask... well, keep 'em coming! love it!
  10. ;)I have the same bag too but in different color...mine is in light brown...i love the tote so much, very spacious and can stuff lots of things:graucho:
  11. ^ is the colour ombria by any chance? I had seen this tote in that colour - sort of light brown/ caramel - from a few seasons ago. that bag is great!
  12. Kelly Osborne with her cocker.

  13. LOL I was just coming to post this! Great cocker
  14. the cocker fits her outfits perfectly.