Celebs & Bottega Veneta Bags - PICS ONLY!!! (no chatting)

  1. Julianna Margulies has lunch with a friend at Extra Virgin in the West Village after shopping at James Perse in Soho (August 22, 2012) - Ebano Veneta zimbio
    Julianna+Margulies+lunches+friend+riVAQiXhJ6yx.jpg Julianna+Margulies+lunches+friend+QHZMVZrBKFNx.jpg Julianna+Margulies+lunches+friend+17utkZse1BDx.jpg 115654_V0016_2072_B_600x600.jpg
  2. Angela Simmons snapped in front of her office on Friday (August 24) afternoon in LA - Nero Nappa Convertible Bag credit: twitter/ bottegaveneta
    media_14821076_0.jpg 193785_V0016_8175_B_600x600.jpg
  3. Cameron Diaz was spotted making her way through JFK Airport in New York City on Saturday (August 25) - Canova Marcopolo Trolley and Carry On Bag credit: celebrity-gossip/ bottegaveneta
    cameron-diaz-082512- (3).jpg cameron-diaz-082512- (2).jpg 166060_V0081_9563_A_600x600.jpg 167304_V0081_9563_A_600x600.jpg
  4. Elton John and David Furnish were seen leaving Club 55 while on holiday in the French Riviera - Steel Intrecciato Light Calf Shopper credit: upscalehype/ bottegaveneta
    David-Furnish-carrying-Bottega-Veneta-Intrecciato-Light-Calf-Tote-Bag-Elton-John-Upscalehype.jpg David-Furnish-carrying-Bottega-Veneta-Intrecciato-Light-Calf-Tote-Bag-Elton-John-Upscalehype-2.jpg David-Furnish-carrying-Bottega-Veneta-Intrecciato-Light-Calf-Tote-Bag-Elton-John-Upscalehype-1.jpg 189632_VQ131_2808_B_600x600.jpg
  5. Salma Hayek arrives at the Palazzo del Casino in Venice with Francois-Henri Pinault and Maryvonne Pinault (September 1, 2012) - Nero Intreccio Vivo Cervo Tote, Tourmaline Nappa Nastri Lido Bag credit: imnotobsessed/ bottegaveneta
    salma-hayek2012-09-02_18-40-45arrives-at-the-venice-film-festival.jpg salma-hayek2012-09-02_18-40-49arrives-at-the-venice-film-festival.jpg salma-hayek2012-09-02_18-41-02arrives-at-the-venice-film-festival.jpg salma-hayek2012-09-02_18-41-30arrives-at-the-venice-film-festival.jpg 288392_VV540_1006_B_600x600.jpg 283361_VV130_4000_B_600x600.jpg
  6. Gauri Khan spotted at the airport in Mumbai en route to London - Nero Effiloche Cabat credit: lyst
    Gauri-Khan-and-son-Aryan-Khan-at-airport-7.jpg Gauri-Khan-and-son-Aryan-Khan-at-airport-8.jpg bottega-veneta-black-black-intrecciato-leather-and-netting-effiloche-oversized-tote-bag-product.jpeg
  7. Heidi Klum's look of the day (September 4, 2012) - Nero Waxed Python Bag credit: heidi klum on aol/ bottegaveneta
    Heidi.jpg BVWaxesPythonBag.jpg
  8. Holly Valance arrives at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2012 at The Royal Opera House in London (September 4, 2012) - Multicolor Karung Shiny Python Ayers Knot celebboard/ bottegaveneta
    1-GOLLUM@CB-_05.jpg 1-GOLLUM@CB-_07.jpg 1-GOLLUM@CB-_12.jpg 1-GOLLUM@CB-_13.jpg 1-GOLLUM@CB-_10.jpg MulticolorKarungShinyPythonAyersKnot.jpg
  9. Martha Stewart arrives at the opening night after party for 'Heartless' at the Signature Theatre Company in New York City (August 27, 2012) - Ebano Cabat
    martha-stewart-opening-night-after-party-for_4048943.jpg martha-stewart-opening-night-after-party-for_4048946.jpg
  10. Artist Julia Chiang attends a private preview of Erik Parker Bye, Bye, Babylon & Saint Clair Cemin, SIX at Paul Kasmin Gallery, NYC (September 5, 2012) - Nero Nappa Intrecciato Bag bfanyc/ bottegaveneta
    DSC_6109.JPG DSC_6104.JPG DSC_6178.JPG DSC_6096.JPG Nero Intrecciato Nappa Bag style 255690 V0016 8175_01.jpg
  11. Holly Valance attends the all new Range Rover unveiling on September 6, 2012 in London, England. credit: zimbio
    Holly+Valance+Range+Rover+Global+Reveal+Event+rA1jwH8d-8Wx.jpg Holly+Valance+Range+Rover+Global+Reveal+Event+rnwfSxVnqT7x.jpg
  12. Ingrid Vandebosch attends the 9th annual Style Awards during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Stage at Lincoln Center on September 5, 2012 in New York City - Dress Fall 2012.13 zimbio/ vogue.it
    Ingrid+Vandebosch+Nicole+Richie+Andy+Lecompte+_G7MAPSSRq1x.jpg Ingrid+Vandebosch+MBFW+Spring+2013+Official+geLVhX7-ZwGx.jpg Ingrid+Vandebosch+9th+Annual+Style+Awards+W1KRem3nlBUx.jpg Ingrid+Vandebosch+9th+Annual+Style+Awards+Rncw-S7I0sgx.jpg 00320big.jpg
  13. Tomas Maier and DJ Hannah Bronfman at Bottega Veneta Celebrates Fashion's Night Out 2012 (September 6, 2012) - Dress Pre-Fall 2012.13, Nero Goatskin Sandal, BV Bracelet bfanyc/ bottegaveneta/ vogue.it
    BFA_2979.jpg BFA_2717.jpg BFA_2721.jpg BFA_3126.jpg BFA_2717-2.jpg 029fullscreen.jpg 298125_VX194_1000_A_600x600.jpg 00250big.jpg
  14. Susan Capa (Executive Director International Fashion at Vogue) at Bottega Veneta Celebrates Fashion's Night Out 2012 (September 6, 2012) - Violet Flat Tote bfanyc
  15. Eva Gonzalez attends Vogue Fashion Night Out Madrid 2012 on September 6, 2012 in Madrid, Spain - Nero Oro Gilded Waxed Leather Knot credit: zimbio/ bottegaveneta
    eva gonzales el_photocall_de_vogue_fashions_night_out_709434023_800x1200.jpg Eva+Gonzalez+Vogue+Fashion+Night+Out+Madrid+u0k4dFqyN_Xx.jpg 113085_VX560_8414_B_600x600.jpg