Celebs & Bottega Veneta Bags - PICS ONLY!!! (no chatting)

  1. Kelly Clarkson and her new boyfriend, Brandon Blackstock, enjoy lunch at The Cheesecake Factory at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on June 25, 2012 - Ash Scuro (?) Veneta credit: celebuzz
    Kelly-Clarkson-and-Brandon-Blackstock-Lunch-at-The-Cheesecake-Factory-2-1000x708.jpg Kelly-Clarkson-and-Brandon-Blackstock-Lunch-at-The-Cheesecake-Factory-5-708x1000.jpg Kelly-Clarkson-and-Brandon-Blackstock-Lunch-at-The-Cheesecake-Factory-8-708x1000.jpg Kelly-Clarkson-and-Brandon-Blackstock-Lunch-at-The-Cheesecake-Factory-7-708x1000.jpg Kelly-Clarkson-and-Brandon-Blackstock-Lunch-at-The-Cheesecake-Factory-3-708x1000.jpg Kelly-Clarkson-and-Brandon-Blackstock-Lunch-at-The-Cheesecake-Factory-708x1000.jpg Kelly-Clarkson-and-Brandon-Blackstock-Lunch-at-The-Cheesecake-Factory-1-708x1000.jpg Kelly-Clarkson-and-Brandon-Blackstock-Lunch-at-The-Cheesecake-Factory-4-708x1000.jpg Kelly-Clarkson-and-Brandon-Blackstock-Lunch-at-The-Cheesecake-Factory-6-800x1000.jpg
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    Jennifer Garner out and about shopping in the Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, California (June 29) - Nero Intreccio Imperatore Tote credit: cozycote/ bottegaveneta
    8629878.jpg-r.jpeg 8629873.jpg-r.jpeg 8629872.jpg-r.jpeg 8629870.jpg-r.jpeg 8629869.jpg-r.jpeg 8629868.jpg-r.jpeg 284649_VV340_1000_A_600x600.jpg 284649_VV340_1000_B_600x600.jpg
  3. Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck run some errands on Wednesday (June 27) in Los Angeles - Nero Intreccio Imperatore Tote credit: justjared/ bottegaveneta
    jennifer-garner-ben-affleck-samuel-errands-01.jpg jennifer-garner-ben-affleck-samuel-errands-05.jpg jennifer-garner-ben-affleck-samuel-errands-06.jpg jennifer-garner-ben-affleck-samuel-errands-03.jpg 284649_VV340_1000_B_600x600.jpg
  4. Natalia Selivanova snapped during Paris Fashion Week (February 2012) - Nero Veneta credit: 21arrondissement
    Le-21eme-Arrondissement-Natalia-Selivanova-Bercy-Paris-France-Paris-Fashion-Week-New-York-City-S.jpg Le-21eme-Arrondissement-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Natalia-Selivanova-Paris-Fashion-Week-Paris-France-New.jpg
  5. Kelly Clarkson arrives in Sao Paulo, Brazil (June 21) - Steel (:shrugs:) Veneta credit: caras.uol.com.br/ bottegaveneta
    kelly_clarkson_desembarca_em_sp-7018.jpg kelly_clarkson_desembarca_em_sp-7044.jpg img-405516-kelly-clarkson.jpg 115653_V0016_2873_B_600x600.jpg
  6. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck arriving at Tavern on their 7th wedding anniversary (June 29, 2012) - Nero Intreccio Imperatore Tote credit: x17online/ bottegaveneta
    affleck062912_03.jpg affleck062912_02.jpg 284649_VV340_1000_B_600x600.jpg
  7. Esther Quek, Group Fashion Director of The Rake, outside of Hermès Homme Printemps 2013 in Paris (June 30, 2012) - Violet Cioccolato Vernice Calf Sandal credit: silhouettedskyline/ teampeterstigter/ bottegaveneta
    DSC_2174.jpg SW_03_MCFS13_PARIS_0435.jpg 290281_VCID6_5164_A_600x600.jpg
  8. Salma Hayek struts down the street holding a cup of hot coffee on Saturday (June 30) in New York City - Nero Cervo Brick credit: justjared/ bottegaveneta
    salma-hayek-coffee-break-nyc-05.jpg salma-hayek-coffee-break-nyc-01.jpg salma-hayek-coffee-break-nyc-03.jpg salma-hayek-coffee-break-nyc-04.jpg NeroCervoBrick.jpg
  9. Esther Quek, Group Fashion Director of The Rake, snapped in Paris during the Menswear shows (June 29, 2012) - Stucco Nero Vernice Calf Sandal vogue.it/ bottegaveneta
    12-17397_0x440.jpg 290281_VCID6_9079_A_600x600.jpg
  10. Jennifer Garner and her daughters, Violet and Seraphina Affleck were spotted out and about in Pacific Palisades, CA on Monday (July 2) - Nero Intreccio Imperatore Tote credit: celebrity-gossip/ bottegaveneta
    jen-garner-070212- (12).jpg jen-garner-070212- (13).jpg jen-garner-070212- (14).jpg jen-garner-070212- (10).jpg jen-garner-070212- (11).jpg jen-sera-070212- (4).jpg jen-sera-070212- (2).jpg 284649_VV340_1000_B_600x600.jpg
  11. F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone and fiancée Fabiana Flosi attend a F1 Party marking the official launch of the 2012 Formula 1 British Grand Prix held at Battersea Park in London (July 4) - Milk Stretch Knot credit: dailymail
  12. Jennifer Garner with daughter Seraphina at a local park on Thursday (July 5) in Santa Monica, Calif. - Nero Intreccio Imperatore Tote credit: justjared/ bottegaveneta
    jennifer-garner-park-playtime-with-samuel-02.jpg 284649_VV340_1000_A_600x600.jpg
  13. Jason Statham credit: zimbio
  14. Jennifer Garner credit: zimbio
  15. Rumer Willis grabs a takeaway lunch from Kings Road Cafe Los Angeles, California (July 6) cozycot/ bottegaveneta - New Bond Bag
    8661630.jpg-r.jpeg 8661628.jpg-r.jpeg 8661626.jpg-r.jpeg 8661627.jpg-r.jpeg Bottega Veneta_NEW BOND BAG.jpg