Celebs at LV stores

  1. Has anyone ever seen one at any LV?

    I went to the NYC 5th Ave to get my speedy 25 monogram (had a hard time choosing between the damier and the monogram, that's a different post).

    lo & behold, there was david hasselhoff of baywatch fame sitting at a counter where I needed to see the speedy, with probably his children; his daughter was trying to choose which Manhattan bag to get.

    I'm sorry but the man was behaving atrociously. first of all, he decided to belt out a song. probably one of his mysterious hits (apparently he's a music star in Europe, that's what i hear from entertainment tonight). then when his daughter was finished deciding, he stood in the middle of the store and asked if the SA would give him a discount. The WHOLE store, including the 2nd floor, could hear him. the SA said no, but Mr. Hasselhoff complained. Dolce & Gabbana gives him 40% why not LV? he demanded to see a manager.

    i don't know how many times i rolled my eyes.

    he looks like a lollipop. big head, really skinny legs. like, really skinny.

    i have nothing against celebs, but not when they're obnoxiously letting everyone know they are one.

    anyone else have any celeb run-in?
  2. :biggrin: Knight Rider! My fav picture ever is of him wearing a T-Shirt that states "Dont hassle the hoff".
  3. We went to the SCP (southcoast plaza) in So. Calif. on 6/10. I was purchasing my baggy gm.

    Well, the SA was telling us a famous boxer was there. We were like, "what's his name??" She didn't know...she went and found out and told us it was "James Toney". Hmm...I never heard of him. Btw, he had 2 huge bodyguards with him and his wife. She had the baggy gm in green. The one I was buying, pretty cool!:cool: She had like 4 LeFab bags around her on the floor, I guess she was deciding which ones to get. They were in all diff. colors.

    I went on the net when I got home and apparently he's very well known and has fought Evander Holyfield.

    He had a 2" thick band around his wrist either a bracelet or watch not sure ...ALL DIAMONDS! WHOA! and HUGE diamond earrings on. Talk about SPARKLING! :blink:

    I was looking at the baggy and told the SA I had to get my dh and that I'd be looking for her in about 10mins. She's like ok. Well, I couldn't find her and I asked another SA to find her. She came back and said she was sorry but that she couldn't take her eyes off the boxer's jewelry that she was dizzy looking at all the "BLING BLING"! LOL!!!

    Too funny!

    She then started telling me how Kobe was in the wk. before with his wife Vanessa...and how they just had there 2nd child. (which I already knew because, I'm a huge Kobe fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) My eyeballs were like to HUGE circles as she was telling me all this. She's like, "Ya, he always hugs me when he leaves and I hit him at his waist, he's so tall." I'm like OMG!! TOO COOL!! I told her, How does he shop ...everyone must want to crowd him or whatever. She's like,"He always calls me in advance to say he's coming in...then I take him to the back room." She said,"He's so nice, very sweet."

    OMG! LOL I was thinking ...I had dh go to LV around the same time to return something for me. SHOOT! What if Kobe was there?!?!?!? heehee!
  4. I've seen Minnie Driver, James Spader (Boston Legal), and Jennifer Lopez at the LV store in San Francisco. People are so non-chalant here. The limo just sits out front waiting for them - lol!

    But if I seen Kobe Bryant, that would be a whole different story - LMAO!
  5. Hehe.. when I was in Germany, there were Hasselhoff music videos on German MTV. I almost died laughing !

    I've never run into a celeb at Louis Vuitton, but I've heard that Foxy Brown behaves attrociously and hassles the SAs for a "celeb" discount.
  6. Congrats.
  7. This is going to be a great thread.:lol: :roflmfao:
  8. :yes: totally agree!!!
  9. Ugh Hasseloff is such a joke. What did the Manager say to him? I hope he didnt get that discount he was begging for!
  10. WHAT? I go to SCP and I never run into anyone famous! :cry: I need to go there more often. :P
  11. OMG...I saw his music video , I thought it was joke part of Saturday night live..
    I never seen any celebs in LV store. I saw Hasselhof at the gym in Hawaii, he's so skinny. I thought he suppose to be buff...
  12. I don't know if he actually got the discount, as I didn't stay till the end of his rant. i think it went down privately.

    his daughter had good choice of the bag. love the manhattan pm.

    you know what he looked like to me? like a 50 year old guy dressed to try to look 20. not attractive.

    i haven't been to the LV in LA, my other home. i'd probably find more celebs hanging out there. i find the NYC one more homey and friendly and easier to access without a car.

    i used to work the PR for foxy brown, and i CAN imagine her tantruming.
  13. I love this thread!!! It's sooooo funny. Too bad I haven't seen any celebrities. =C
  14. :mad: These people have LOADS of money & they expect a discount! That burns me to no end! Celebs have free stuff thrown at them all the time~ I hate that! And Mr. Knight Rider is clinging onto that "celebrity" fame for his last 5 minutes.

    Does anyone remember when Shopbop.com gave Hilary Duff THOUSANDS of dollars in merchandise when she visited their warehouse? It was in some mags... Anyway, Shopbop NEVER gives out coupon codes to their online shoppers. I was so irritated! Sorry for the rant & I know that had nothing to do about LV:shame:
  15. LOL! I was like, Huh...a boxer? He seemed really nice...he was smiling alot, no one really bothered him. I mean...he was just walking around casually enjoying LV like everyone else. Was pretty cool!:cool:

    LOL, I was telling my bro in law(s) just yesterday...they're all into boxing. They were like WOW! LOL, 1 of my bro in laws was like..."Where's this store at now?" He's like..."I got to go there..."

    I was like, "Ya, you're going to go there just to look for boxers?!?!":roflmfao:
    He's like, "Ya.":lol:

    He's always watching boxing! Whenever there's a "big fight" we go to my father and mother in laws and all my bro in laws and sis in laws go over...So he knew right away who it was. Too funny!:P