Celebs are wearing gold disc-shaped pendant with chain - Where to find??

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  1. I have been searching high and low for a necklace that Jessica Alba is wearing in the photo. A gold, disc-shaped pendant with thin necklace.

    Does anyone here know who makes this piece of beautiful jewellery? Or is there something similar that you know of?? :sad:

    I have spotted some other celebs wearing similar necklaces, the gold disc/coin with chain look. But no luck in finding out where i could get those too. :shrugs:

    Any help would be fantastic! :lol: Thanks!
  2. I'm guessing it's a Me & Ro necklace...it's hard to tell, really. Try Neiman Marcus online.
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    ooops, no advertising

    I think Lizzie Scheck also makes a version for $350ish.

  4. That would be my first guess, as well - sounds like their style. :yes:

    Welcome to Me&Ro
  5. Those are pretty Elana!
  6. Here's another picture of her with the same necklace. I tried the Me&Ro, Adina, Elana and Scheck's website. The disc they have shows a tiny diamond in the middle. And the adina discs are concaved. The one Alba's wearing looks like it's plain flat with no diamonds? I can't really tell from the photo... It also looks like there are two pendants in one chain? Tell me i'm not seeing things? :sad:

    I've been looking for this necklace for so long now that i may just give up.:sad:
  7. Here's the photo.:confused1:
  8. Anyone has any other suggestions? :confused1: I've been prowling on the jewelry websites but to no avail. :crybaby:
  9. Luna, try bluebeeonline.com. =)
  10. I found some copies on eBay!
  11. How about jenniferfishernyc.com. It was just featured in In Touch...Jen Garnerl, Sheryl Crow, Kate Hudson, and Nicole Kidman recently bought from here.

  12. Wow, I think you are right!!! I went to the site b/c I too was curious, and if you go to "classics" and then "Ryan"-the last one at the bottom, that necklace looks VERY similar to the one Alba is sporting.

    I'm impressed. :tup:
  13. Sorry, can't tell much about the pendant for noticing her Spanx sticking out below her dress...:wtf:
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