Celebs Are Just Like Us

  1. [​IMG]

    Primetime cutie Jennifer Love Hewitt runs some last-minute errands at a Los Angeles area shopping centre over the weekend.*

    [*Note: The similarities end there. The Uggs and retro-inspired moomoo are all her own!] :supacool:
  2. omg, what is she wearing!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Well, it looks comfy! Not very flattering, though.:lol:
  4. No one should be in a moomoo :push:
  5. aye, my eyes!!
  6. That doesn't even look like her in the 2nd pic... :s
  7. What is she wearing??!! That looks horrible. Although I really love her hair.
  8. I think her dress is cute
  9. Great to see!
  10. aww I think the dress is cute, its just the uggs ruined it.
  11. I love her but to be honest the outfit is a mess..
  12. glad to see she runs errands but what is she thinking with that outfit?
  13. In these photos she looks good from the neck up!
  14. How much do you think it would cost to have an assistant run those errands.
  15. that's kool to see her picking up her clothes from the cleaners and grocery shopping just like us.....but let's get one thing straight, I would NEVER, EVER wear that dress with a pair of UGGS outta the house to run to the corner store.....CAN YOU FEEL ME? hahahaHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    Oh yeah, I like her bag and I love the color.