Celebs are flabby & saggy!

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  1. Nicky Hilton looking very flabby.
  2. Mischa Barton. Look at that Cellulite :yucky: :yucky:
  3. ^ if that's very flabby then I'm a sea cow.
  4. LMBO!!! Well "very flabby" for Hollywood standards!
  5. That is not a good look for Nicky but she isn't flabby.
  6. That does not even look like Nicky Hilton, I would wager that it is not her, sorry, in my humble opinion you can't believe everything they tell you to see.
  7. Oh, My God! They are actually human!!!
  8. Jeez superstar! they are hardly hideous.

    I think Mischa has been sitting on that seat for a little bit too long, and even is she hasnt, oh gosh, she has some cellulite - should she no longer be photographed.

    Nikki Hilton, guilty of purchasing an unflatteringly shaped bikini.

    Its comments like this that makes me not let my impressionable daughters read this rubbish. These girls are gorgeous and human.

    I really dont like your thread. Sorry
  9. Something looks odd about the Mischa Barton pic too.
  10. These pics are really old, and one pic for sure is photoshopped. Seems a little mean to keep a thread like this opened.

    I'm closing this thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.