Celebs and Their Treesje Bags!

  1. Ive seen this picture a year ago, thats why I would assume it's the coal because that was the "black" color they used at that time.
  2. Rachel Bilson and the Treesje Lily bag (from the O.C.)

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  4. Hi Girls! This is Annette from Treesje. I'm loving your celebrity posts. There's a lot on here that I've never seen before. Here are a couple of Shannen Dougherty and Annalynne McCord at an event in Los Angeles this week. Enjoy!
    shannen.jpg annalynne.jpg
  5. Hey! It's my beloved Geneva Clutch! AM has good taste...:biggrin:
  6. ^ Who is that? Would help if you put who is the person in pictures for future reference, thanks!
  7. Looks like Ashley Tisdale...?
  8. yea. its ashley tisdale

  9. Great eye Kat! Funny - I was watching that episode and caught that too. I guess Taffy has Treesje taste too :biggrin:
  10. Not really a cele picture.. but the hudson bag is featured on US weekly (the one with lindsay lohan on the front), p.84.

    Treesje Hudson Bags
    Chic carry all: Shannen Doherty and Katherine Heigl tote this oversize leather hobo.
  11. that bag looks so hot! what color is that?
  12. Fuchsia
  13. I have the fuchsia asher. LOVE IT! Now I need to find those earrings.
  14. Thought you girls would like to see the Willow clutch spotted on Shannen Doherty and Vanessa Minillo last week. Enjoy. ;)
    Shannen Doherty.jpg Vanessa Minillo.jpg