celebs and their Choo's *pics*

  1. I saw these new pics on the People magazine website...

    Mandy Moore with Ramona

    Claire Danes with Mahala

    Naomi Watts with Choo clutch
    mandy_moore with Ramona.jpg claire_danes with Mahala.jpg naomi_watts with Choo clutch.jpg
  2. Oooo how I love the clutch!
  3. Love the photos!
    Thanks for posting Cosmo:flowers:
    I just received my Mahala last night. I took photos to post later. It is awfully large, but I love it!
  4. ^^^Yeah! Can't wait to see your pics. :yes:
  5. Marin clutch.jpg
  6. Net-a-porter has the Marin "oversized" clutch (the one Naomi Watts is holding). Its 15" x 8". $1250

    I like this bag!


    Marin clutch in black.jpg Marin clutch on model.jpg
  7. Saks.com has it black (like N-A-P), but not white...
  8. I love the clutch but its so expensive (esp for a clutch)!
  9. Love them :smile: thanks alot for sharing!