Celebs and their ALEXANDER WANG ~ Pics & Chat ~

  1. Ok. Looked like pale gold to me too. Thanks!
  2. Miranda Kerr

  3. This looks like the shiny gold bullet version, it is sooo much prettier than the brass (i have owned both at one point, long story) and now i only have my brass and i miss the gold bullets, they were so much shinier and expensive looking :sad:
  4. platinum_girly, does the pale gold come in bullets??? i really want it in bullets but i've been told it only comes in cupcakes!
  5. Platinum_girly- I didn't know that they originally had the gold bullets. Do any roccos have this or was it just the original coco style?
  6. The original version (to my knowledge) was the 2009 version with the brass bullet studs.
    In 2010 the same bag (bullet studs) was released but with more of a brushed gold hardware.
    After that came the tiered and cupcake studs and the rosegold and the addition of the extra shoulder strap.
    I think it may be difficult to find the exact bag now (it would likely be something you could eventually find on somewhere like E-bay) but it is the 2010 version, i got mine in May/June 2010 i believe :biggrin: (silly me for getting rid of it and getting a 2009 version)
  7. Do u think kristin cavallari got one with brushed gold hw? Hers look so shiny!
  8. fsadeli, I know! This bag is driving me nuts with the hardware!! In person, the brass looks much more matte and then modeled and in the celeb pics it looks light and shiny.
  9. Thank you so much for clarifying this. You are right that it will be hard to find this bag. Since so many sellers will call them gold studs even if they are brass. Also, the pictures and the flash will make a difference. The best way to know would to see the bag irl. I would love to get the brushed gold hardware one. I have the brass one right now. Too bad you sold your bag :sad: Maybe you got the 2009 because it was the original? Or because you liked that leather more :biggrin:
  10. I don't think so as i believe that she got hers in 2009, now i can only assume that hers look that shiny because:
    A, it is the camera flash that causes the bullets to look more shiny than they actually are... OR
    B, a few celebrities actually got given the 2010 versions back in 2009 in order to create all this hype around the bag, if you know what i mean?

    All i know is that every bag i saw in 2009 has the brass studding but then in 2010 the studding was definately more shiny gold, i can even compare pics of the 2 that i have owned (although not at the same time) and see the difference...

    Well i sold the 2010 because when i first ordered one it arrived with a broken handle, i sent that back and ordered from elsewhere, it arrived and was perfect (although the pebbling was not what i had hoped for) but then only a few months down the line did the handle stitching begin to come undone so i just thought 'i can't be dealing with these bags' because i assumed they were just poorly made but as soon as i got rid then i missed it (i still had my baby Rocco but it wasn't the same) and so i hunted one down from a well respected seller but when it arrived i was perplexed as to why the studding looked really dull and 'antiqued' so i looked into it and discovered the difference, but the pebbling is way better so i guess it is all swings and roundabouts :lol:
  11. Platinum_girly, I know what you mean! It is like going in circles trying to find the best bag with the leather and studs. It is interesting how the pebbling can vary on those bags. I do not like the smooth areas. I agree that Kristen Cavalleri's bag might be shiny due to the flash. My bag is sometimes shiny depending on flash or the light.
  12. Ack it is such a pain! I mean i loved the studs on the 2010 version but i much prefer the pebbling on the 2009 version, in a way i wish these bags were more uniform so we did not have to hunt down one with good pebbles :girlsigh:
    I actually found these pics of Kristen and MK olsen and it looks to me like Kristen has the 2009 brass bullet version and MK (somehow) has the 2010 release gold bullet version (hopefully y'all can tell the difference in the pics)
    a11.jpg a12.jpg
  13. I wish that the bags were more uniform too. Thanks for the comparison pics. I can definitely see the difference. I think that MK's bag is different because she got the bag before anyone else. I think she got it before it was on the runaway for New York Fashion week. Maybe AW made the bag different for her and then he made the same ones for 2010.
  14. What bag is this? It looks cute!
  15. it's the marina speedo bag from fall 2011, i wish i had gotten that one instead of the emile.