Celebs and Koobas?

  1. Hi there,
    On the Kooba site they list celebs that purchase their bags.
    Has anyone seen pics of celebs with their Koobas?
    If so, please post!
  2. I never see celebs here in Cincinnati. The closest thing to it is Jerry Springer when he comes back to visit. Lucky me. *rolls eyes*
  3. If you go to 'Press' on the Kooba site you will see celeb pics too.
  4. I know Jamie Lynn Sigler is a HUGE Kooba fan but I don't know where to find pics??
  5. ooh thx! :yahoo:
  6. kooba are too heavy and the leather is way too funky smelling..it seems like a cult thing for the 20yr old set in nyc
  7. Hmmm,
    Do you own one?
    I do and my bag is quite substantial and it is not heavy at all. The leather is wonderful!
    The New Spring line is a lot more refined than rock and roll!
    I dare you to take a look...you might fall in love! :p
  8. Um, I am 51 and own 4 Koobas. The last time I checked I am not a hippie (ok I am alittle hippie *s) nor am I a member of a cult.

    Seriously, different strokes for different folks. Hithere, I am sure your bags are great for you as ours are for us.
  9. You make me proud LSR195, let's stop assigning age to bags and bags to age. It doesn't work!!!!
  10. I can't find the pic anywhere but I discovered Kooba when Jessica Biel was photographed for US Weekly at Sundance holding a Carla in Chestnut that she had gotten at some swag boutique. I was on the waitlist on PinkMascara for MONTHS before that thing was delivered to my house.
  11. I have that pic somehwre of Jessica ... I will find it later and post for ya.
  12. Uh, OK .....
  13. Here is a picture of Sienna Miller with her Kooba Sienna