Celebs and Chanel Bags - a question!

  1. Hi, I have checked out the thread of celebs and their chanel bags and I love nearly all of the classic flap bags I have seen them wearing. My question is, do celebs mostly have caviar or lambskin flaps? It's hard to tell from the pics but as I seem to like all the ones they wear, I would like to get the same as them - lambskin or caviar?! Thanks!
  2. I don't think we can say to be honest, I see them w/ both.
    Perhpas copy and paste a specific photo:yes:
  3. There are so many pics of bags, I think I would swamp the thread if I posted them. I just wondered if there was a specific leather celebs normally go for, e.g. lambskin. But you're right, it's too hard to tell!
  4. A lot of the celebs get given their bags or carry vintage Chanel lines. The vintage bags tend to be lambskin but the newer Chanels could be anything depending on the bags Chanel are trying to "market" from the season. At the moment there are quite a few photos of celebs with the coco's croco bag which is quilted satin. IMO choose a bag you love that suits your lifestyle and go for it, at the end of the day it is you investing the $$$.
  5. :tup:agree! Afterall, they usually dun need to pay for theirs whereas we have to fork out hard cash for ours :graucho:
  6. I completely agree with you both but I live over 200 miles away from the nearest Chanel Boutique so I have to do my Chanel purchasing over the telephone! I have never seen the bags in person so I can only tell which one I would like from looking at pics. Still not sure if I should keep my caviar or change for lambskin!!
  7. Hi Honey,

    I feel lambskin is so much nicer and luxe but pple generally feedback that caviar is more lasting and needs less maintenance. In fact, my SAs tell me NOT to get lambskin (but i agree it is beautiful) ;)