Celebrity weddings

  1. I thought this will be fun.

    Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise
    Cake.jpg Ceremony.jpg Dance.jpg Official picture.jpg
  2. Marcia Cross & Tom Mahoney
    Cake.jpg Dance.jpg Official picture.jpg Marcia&Husband.jpg Marcia&Bridesmaids.jpg
  3. They had a beautiful wedding, then again what celebrity doesn't :lol:
  4. Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt
  5. Ohh, I want that People magazine!
  6. how breathtakingly beautiful! I think Tom & Katie look so in love!
  7. Beautiful just beautiful
  8. did anyone see that special on tv the other night? i think maybe tuesday... i only caught a little; on avril lavigne's wedding. they recreated the reception set up. so beautiful. Oh and i love that cover of brad and jenn. they looked so happy...
  9. I love Marcia's cake!!
  10. Jennifer and Brad looked so happy. I don't think either of them have looked happier... even in their new lives now. What a shame.

    The other couples look absolutely beautiful. I love Marcia Cross... think she's the most interesting of the 'housewives'. And TomKat....especially love Katie's 2nd dress for the reception. Just gorgeous!
  11. Christine Baumgartner & Kevin Costner
  12. Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen
  13. Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson
  14. Love this thread !!! Thanks for posting.
  15. great pix thanks