Celebrity Wedding Rings

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  1. *~*I don't think Khloe needed to add the halo, but both of those are beautiful!!!*~*
  2. Wow...didn't know Khloe's was THAT big!

    They are both gorgeous!
  3. Khloes ring is AMAZING. Your friends is gorgeous too, love that cut. :smile:.

  4. OMG thanks for the exclusive!!!:nuts: Gorgeous rings both on them, and Khloe has very pretty hands!
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  5. I'm not a fan of subtle, but WTH? This is the worst setting I've seen...
  6. I wonder what size ring Khloe wears! Your friend's ring is absolutely gorgeous
  7. I loved Khloe's ring before she haloed it - because it is such a large stone I thought the micropave was the perfect, understated accompaniment. Now I just think it looks... tacky and a bit too Real Housewives!
  8. I have always loved her e-ring, but I don't like her wedding band with it.

  9. I totally agree! The halo takes away from this gorgeous stone, it looked much more beautiful before!
  10. i think the big eternity band is new. she used to just have the thin bands with the ering
  11. Your friend's ring is gorgeos. :love:Thank you for this pic.
  12. I was bored and have been looking for some new/better pictures of Bey's ring.


    I alwas knew her ring was huge, but I didn't quite realise it was this massive. :wacko:
  13. It is new because I do believe that she misplaced her original wedding band. I preferred her original thin set. I do love the wedding band but it would look better by itself...
  14. Wow beyonce's is huge. Side note: her nails :/
  15. Love the ring. Hate the nails...